Introduction of mobile apps, smart phones and speedy internet connections have changed the way mobile marketing was done earlier. Now the same is more focused towards gaining extra brownie points by using it as a customer service medium. With mobile devices customers can interact anytime and anywhere to the customer service cell of a brand. Hence it gives establishments to connect directly with their existing as well as potential customers.

Compnies today are taking greater advantages of mobile communication channels for providing 24X7 availability to its stakeholders. The mobile communication approach has gone too far in terms of offering customer service. Here is a short insight on how companies are tapping the right audience through effective mobile customer service.

Customer Engagement

Mobile channels have increased in number since these come integrated within the mobile apps. These along with the older ways of mobile communication like email have taken the mobile marketing through leaps and bounds. Consequently companies are able to keep customers engaged in various different forms ranging from social sharing to discussion forums and grievance cells. Many companies have gone too far in terms of starting online communities for their own brand that handle various customer issues, offer discounts, share announcements and even the revenue reports to keep things open for the end users. The very approach has led the mobile marketing campaigns by storms.
Customer service via mobile devices was an impossible thought. Today it has become just a matter of few clicks or taps on your mobile screen and you can communicate with your client base in a real time environment.
Use of text messages, social media updates, email subscriptions, push notifications has enhanced consumer experience to a greater extent that companies are taking it as leverage over other communication channels. It also minimizes operational cost associated with other forms of communication and client grievance handling.

Payment Integration

Secure payment integration has added to the utmost user experience. Also the Geolocation has given a sense of security to customers while making online purchases through mobile devices. The introduction of multiple payment apps has offered timely transactions and easy billing which enhances brand stability and connection with the end users. Be prepared for a steady loss if you fail to offer mobile payment integration for your customers. Today’s tech savvy customers like to purchase using a single click. Don’t wait for the clients to come to you when you have all good means to reach their pockets through mobile payment integration. It takes not much to collaborate with a billing channel that can run on mobile devices. Even if the investment seems a bit too much it would reap higher ROI through mobile purchases.

These advancements in the mobile technology have enabled customers to receive real time attention from their favorite brands. The availability of round the clock mobile customer support has outgrown industries from rags to riches! The biggest advantage of using mobile technology in serving customer demands, expectations and queries lies in tapping the right target market at the right time through word of mouth!