2015, was a fantastic year for digital marketing. The year saw a surge in the use of mobile apps and social media had become an alternative to search engines like Google. Did you know 74% of consumers rely on social media to making a buying decision? Check out this year’s trends to stay ahead of the game.


Looking to build your brand and engage your customers? Video is the way to go! I love watching minute long videos on easy recipes or even a make up tutorial! (I’ve spent two hours doing this). Currently, social media networks are heavily investing in promoting videos, and will continue to do so in the years to come. Big companies such as CNN, People Magazine have raised the bar by creating “mini ads” on platforms like Snapchat. Consumers will slowly move away from going on Youtube, to try search for how to use a company’s products, and they will begin to expect that the company’s website, or social media will have its own videos to show how a product works.


Last year, there was a rise in mobile traffic versus desktop users and after Google had come out with what I’d like to call the “Mobile Armageddon” where in it rewarded SEO that was optimised for mobile. This year, mobile will completely surpass desktop and marketers should be ready to prioritise mobile as a medium of marketing.

Social Media:

Revising your social media strategy will probably play a huge part in boosting your SEO rankings. In this day, every company has some form of social media presence. Social media has always been a link between the brand and its customers. Social content is now increasingly becoming visible on search results and customers who share your content thus increasing your rankings.

Here are 2 trends to look out for to implement and up your game:

Live streaming events / company give consumers an insight into the company and its culture and it helps to increase engagement with consumers. For eg: Using apps like Meerkat and Periscope that surged in 2015.

Social E-commerce
Could the buy button be a possibility? Companies like Facebook and Pintrest have added buy buttons. Instead of going through the process of checking out, the consumer can buy a product, just by clicking on a pin. This method of buying will revolutionize social e-commerce.