What To Expect When Working With An SEO Agency

Just like any other form of marketing, SEO doesn’t guarantee results. Primarily because no one can quantify with absolute certainty how consumers will respond to a given form of marketing. Yet, when done properly, the results are immeasurable. It is such uncertainties that bring forth expectations since as a business owner; you need assurance that your SEO agent is taking every available measure to improve your site rankings. Thus apart from affordable SEO services, here are five things you should expect from your ideal SEO agency.

  1. Use of acceptable guidelines

Google and all other search engines have set guidelines that experts have to follow when ranking sites. Nevertheless, desperation to ascend to the top on the first pages of these search engines has seen many SEO firms result to unorthodox, “black hat” techniques that violate the guidelines. Such techniques may see your site penalized by Google and falling into the ranking abyss, never to recover. It is, therefore, paramount to make it clear to your SEO agent that you expect absolute honesty in the ranking process.

  1. The use of best converting keywords

It is one thing to have a great website design and quite another to sell it out to potential customers. You probably understand this and have come up with a given keyword or phrase around which your content is centered, but your site conversions are still small. This, therefore, informs the necessity to engage a professional SEO expert. As such, you expect your agent to have a broad range of keyword generation tools that enable them to capture the best keywords that convert.

  1. To have website optimization expertise

SEO expertise extends way beyond keyword generation. If you already have a website, the first thing you should expect from your affordable SEO expert is an in-depth analysis of your site to investigate the cause of the less than optimum performance. You will be lucky if your preferred agency also offers webdesign and development services. Such analysis revolves around the quality of the content and linkage to relevant sites in your industry. In most cases, expect the optimization to include professional copywriting, link building, and website redevelopment.

  1. Expect reports on campaign progress

Most SEO firms adhere to professional codes of conduct and regularly report of the progress and the results their services yield. Therefore, expect your SEO agent to share with you a platform through which you can see the link-building and ranking reports on a regular basis. Most importantly, expect the firm to provide you with conversion and click-through rate reports that you can use to gauge the significance of the SEO campaign.

  1. Expect the SEO agent to exhaust all SEO marketing avenues

The most important goal of any SEO campaign is to rank highly and ensure maximum sales conversions. A professional SEO expert will, therefore, explore and exhaust all marketing avenues to ensure the same. Thus expect your affordable SEO expert to optimize not only your SEO but also the social media and content marketing.


If your SEO agency wishes to shorten the duration your campaign takes to fruition, expect them to concentrate on more than just enriching great website design with quality content. Expect them to devise a holistic yet acceptable approach involving the adoption of the set guidelines as well an in-depth research of high ranking and best-converting keywords. Importantly, request that the agency reports to you on the campaign progress and results on a regular basis.