SEO is not an easy thing to understand. There is no one single trick to rank high on Google and nothing is a sure shot! There is no doubt that SEO takes a while to act. However, done right it can be less complicated and more effective. So stop wasting your time on things that won’t work and focus on more promising activities.


They say “content is the king” -It is indeed. Keeping your blog updated is what never fails in terms of SEO. There are few more tricks to bag that #1 spot for your website.


1.Fresh content

Keep on bringing fresh content to the website, don’t just leave outdated Blog to be indexed by search engines and further affect your SEO negatively. Google and other search engines look for unique content on your website and if found, they reward you better organic positioning. So, work with your content writer closely to add new and relevant posts.


If your blog article has good number of outbound links, Google will appreciate your effects of providing users with essential links for better understanding. Same goes with inbound links, relevant links leading back to your website provides credibility. However, link buying is strictly forbidden by Google and can lead to penalty. Read more about Blackhat SEO HERE


Adding content is just not enough, Is your website descriptive enough? If you are an auto repair shop, Is it clear from the content what services you pertain to? Make sure you have relevant keywords in the content to help search engines understand your business. When made a search, Google will present your ads for those keywords to users looking for your service.


Make sure to include images to blog post, they not only add instant credibility but also helps Google find your website. Add alt-text to the Images to describe the main keyword. If you are adding an article describing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, add alt text that says Alzheimer’s in it.

5. Engagement and shares

If your blogs are being shared and liked by users, that means you are doing a good job and that is what Google thrives upon. Add unique and engaging content on your website and promote in on social media platforms to increase reach and visibility to users, that shall eventually get you more shares and likes.

Key takeaways

Unique Content is essential for SEO, Adding keywords, images, videos are equally important. Links can be added to increase relevance. Also, make sure website page loads fast and is easy to comprehend.