WebsiteToon provides the professional On-Page SEO (search engine optimization) services in Toronto GTA  and Peel region areas. The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position. It is all about what the user came to see and therefore tremendously important to the search engines. As such, it is crucial to creating good content. From an SEO perspective, all good content has two attributes. It must be linkable and supply a demand. If you’re optimizing a page to rank well for a set of keywords, you probably have a checklist to ensure you’re doing things right. There is an issue however on how most SEO’s and marketers approach on page SEO. The following are the SEO tricks that will ensure that your page ranks highly in search engines.

Keyword repetition is not a must

Many tools, paid for and free, check how many times a keyword is used in a page and in certain elements like Meta description tags. The SEO’s software worlds on page suggestions are far behind Google’s complexity but you don’t have to be. So forget about those SEO strategies

of using a keyword four times in every a hundred words. Google cares about how visitors interact with your content. If searchers click on your content but do not stay there, you’ll soon be off page one.on page SEO

Related keywords and topics are essential

Raw keyword repetition and simplistic rules will not keep you on top of Google’s organic ranking but correlated topics will. Google wants to see documents that intelligently use phrases and words that connect logically and semantically to the queries of searchers. There are keywords beyond synonyms that can help you rank highly. You can find them with tools or manually and employ them in your content to boost on page SEO.

Do not assume links

You need to change your biased thinking about content and links from the past. If you’re ranking on page two or three, blunt-force link building shouldn’t be the only tool for your SEO strategy. Modern on page SEO that better serves searchers consider content formatting, word usage, and searcher satisfaction has got to be part of the equation.
Pages matter and so do the sites hosting them
In the past, Wikipedia dominated many results simply because of their raw link importance and authority. Presently, domain authority still plays a role but it’s not just the size and popularity of the site that matters. Websites earn connections with subject matter areas in Google. Our team is able to provide SEO services

that will address your entire site’s brand focus and not just an individual’s page‘s keyword targeting.

Satisfy the searchers intent
Serve the goals of potential searchers. Most content creators focus on the use of keywords as though some particular placement will motivate Google to rank them ahead of all those content pieces that satisfy and delight their searchers. Deliver the experience they need and the answers they want. This is vastly more important than any simplistic keyword use rule. This way, your content will most likely be on top of Google’s organic ranking.