When app developers in Mississauga build an app they generally center only on creating a great app. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but they overlook one significant thing, which is app marketing. There are only a few of apps that are based on the idea to drive app downloads by itself.

This is why digital marketing in Mississauga is so important for new apps specifically. The competition is aggressive, whether it’s the Play Store or App Store. Being exceptional is tough with over four million apps in the market. The following actions will help before and while launching your mobile app, to ensure that you have a good start with your app downloads.

Begin with market research

In order to start your app marketing, do some market research. You need to ask yourself who your app targets and how they will benefit from it. Most app developers in Mississauga think they know their target audience but without accurate market research, it’s very hard to tell if the app marketing is on the right track or not.

The more detailed you make investigations, the better you will target your audience for stronger outcomes. After identifying your target audience then comes competitor research. Find out some of the worst and best competitors of your app. Find out who is using their app and what is not working out for them.

Every successful app must have a feature that differentiates it from its competitors. That allows them to stay in the game. Ensure that you promote your apps widely to the correct audience. That is what digital marketing in Mississauga should rest upon.

Take action to boost your app page traffic with the following ways that will help you increase traffic to your app page from the time you launch it.

  • Ad promotions on Twitter and Facebook
  • Other blogs where you will get mentions and reviews
  • Your own landing page or website
  • Social media campaigns through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Organic search in the app store or play store

All the aforementioned points have one exceptional thing in common: People will go to your app page where they will find the description, reviews, ratings, icon, title, and screenshots. This is where you have to especially concentrate on adjusting your app page assets to increase the download rate.

App store optimization is a must to ensure that you’re not only visible in the app store through search or category ranking but also increase click through rate and downloads as well. This is the most effective way to improve app downloads.

There are two ways you can optimize your app page to increase click rate on one hand and conversion rate on the other hand. You can use keyword optimization to increase your ranking in search results and increase traffic on your app page or asset optimization to keep download and conversion high.


Use the power of great design

You should never underrate the power of great design. You may have great features in your app but no one wants to use it because it’s not appealing. This is where the design plays a great role.

There’s a human interface parameter for both Android and iOS. If you do not follow these guiding principle, app stores will reject your app. Therefore, a great interface is not only significant but essential as well. Additionally, app developers in Mississauga should use their design skills to boost downloads.

One of the factors that will help achieve this is screenshots because they act as a tool to convince potential users to download. If your screenshots aren’t compelling enough, people will not take the subsequent step of downloading.

Increase your social presence

As a mobile app owner, you need to increase your app’s presence not only in the app store but online as well. Improve your web visibility and publicize your app launch to ensure that your target audience knows about it.

One of the easiest ways to get in touch with your targeted audience is through social media profiles. Pick the social media platforms where your target audience spends most of their online time. Find out which one works best and try to increase your audience.

Share great content daily, but keep in mind that you should not share promotional content only. You should balance between promotional and other content from different sites. It forms engagement, trust, and authority with your social media profile.

In conclusion, boosting app page traffic, great design, social engagement, and market research are the four vital pillars that will help you get more downloads for your app. Aside from these points, app developers in Mississauga play a role in determining the quality of your app. Use them as a guideline and you are sure to get the number of desired downloads.