As more and more businesses appreciate the need to stay ahead online, demand for digital marketers escalates in their community as well as overseas. Whether your domain lies in PR, reputation management or social media, being able to work anywhere will become vital in the years to come.

Luckily, there are apps for everything today. From keeping track of your responsibilities to seeing which influencer is talking about your brand, be sure to have these resourceful tools at hand. Thanks to modern technology, digital marketing in Mississauga is now faster and easier.

Even though you will always rely on desktops and laptops to complete operations, you can definitely put your trust on mobile applications to take care of small details on the go. It’s basically a matter of finding the best ones that suit the way you work. Here are some of the top apps for digital marketers.


From freelancers, artists, business owners, and marketing agencies in Mississauga, Evernote is the app to download if you want coordination at home or at work. The app supports all kinds of devices from your smartwatch to your laptop so there’s no reason why marketing agencies should not take advantage of it.

Evernote performs tasks such as:

  • Producing important notes, reminders, and lists
  • Composing short and long pieces on the go
  • Extracting web screenshots for future use
  • Creating appropriate photos for sharing

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. Its basic features are free, but access to more uploads, offline services, and other special features could be yours for a sensible price. This is justly one of the best apps for digital marketing in Mississauga and for everyone else in between.

Flipboard for inspiration

For marketing agencies in Mississauga, Flipboard is the perfect app and will work wonders during commuting of clients to and from work. This app is like your private magazine and presents content that interests you in a clutter-free and attractive design. This makes it easy and quick to find stuff that matters to you such as updates from your favorite blogger and the latest news.

Here’s what Flipboard does

  • Center on local content based on your location
  • Save content to read later
  • Get your daily news
  • Connect you with other bloggers, publishers or content creators
  • Gather ideas from around the web

Download this app on your Android or iOS device and take it everywhere. Peruse through cool stuff before work or motivate yourself as you go home and relax. Flipboard also allows you to manage your saved content through your Dashboard. This is certainly one of the greatest apps for digital marketers in Mississauga this year and beyond.

HootSuite for social media management

Every social media marketer needs to have this app. Created to help folks who handle numerous social media profiles, this app is an energy and time saver. There’s no need to individually open Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook anymore.

Instead, use this service to:

  • Reduce long links for easier posting
  • Receive notifications if someone refers to your brand
  • Observe your brand’s performance on Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage and schedule posts on each of your social media accounts
  • Post the same message on all social networks at the same time

This app is also available for download to Android and iOS users. If you don’t want to pay for premium services, you could add up to three social media websites for free. HootSuite also supports posts on Instagram, which is why marketing agencies in Mississauga should get this app in their hands.

Redbooth for teamwork

If there’s one amazing advantage of being a digital marketer, it’s the independence to work anywhere just as long as there’s good internet connection. Problem is, how to collaborate with team members. Redbooth for Android and iOS devices is the answer.

This easy to use platform allows users to effortlessly communicate with each other either on per term basis or per project. This is what the app allows you to do.

  • Instantaneously see which tasks are resolved
  • Keep each task tidily under one file
  • Chat with team members
  • Categorize tasks based on due dates
  • Rapidly access important tasks for the day

Now that you have no justification not to update your corporate website, you’ll stay on top of things that require your instant attention.

Google apps for everything else

Google Apps is a collection of different tools that marketing agencies in Mississauga can use to stay competitive and productive at work. You can decide to download all of them or just select the ones you need.

  • Google Slides is just what you need for time-saving on business presentations.
  • Google Docs lets you to easily create, edit and share documents with team members
  • Google Vault lets you save and find vital data such as emails and reports for future reference.