Every so often falling short of today’s fast-paced online world, law practices appear to leave themselves open to the risk of forwarding thinking and innovative competitors who get it right usurping them. Of great importance, is understanding that your clients come first when executing a strategy of any kind. Your clients already have an inclination to turn to digital as second nature. Therefore, if you are not using digital to attract them, you are not appealing to their character, which means they are less likely to convert into customers. Here are five ways you can use to market your law firm on the internet.

Content marketing

You have to evoke some form of reaction in order to convince a prospective client to interact with you. Building and using the right content on your online channels will persuade your target audience to associate with you since they will be aligning themselves with your message in some form or shape. Frequent blog posts are a great starting point to place you as a thought leader. Sharing your opinion or changes to your industry that affect your customer will bring out the individuality of your brand and that is what will make them see that you are the brand for them.

Search engine optimization

With numerous prospective clients searching Google for lawyers every day, SEO should be at the front of your online strategy even though very few people get it right. Sure, there is a wealth of search terms associated with law, but conduct your research, build content around the most relevant search terms for your business offering, and post it to your site. That way, when your customers search for support and advice, they are more likely to visit your site than a competitor’s. Assess the phrase and keywords used by potential customers when searching Google and identify the terms your competitors’ target. These should be the primary areas for your digital content plan.


Potential clients will not visit your website to simply browse; they come with intent. By rapidly identifying their need for coming to your site, you can present them with content that makes them more likely to take their enquiry a step further, and thus have a better chance of converting. You will get miles ahead by doing something as simple as providing your users with content that is relevant to their location, or previous viewing habits. Through individualizing content to users, your site will be more applicable and increase your chances of conversion. Moreover, this will prevent customers from dropping off your site and seeking out your competitors. Take advantage of platforms such as Sitecore since they help professional service marketers to easily and quickly individualize content to meet users’ particular needs.

Use social media

Customers nowadays check online reviews when looking for a new film to watch, checking out a new restaurant, or getting gifts for loved ones. If they want to find out more, they will take to social media. As such, it is imperative that your social media offering remains transparent, relevant, and informative. For your law firm, social media is important to advocacy and customer interaction. Engage in debates on social media and establish your practice as an authority in your area of specialty.

Reviews and case studies


More often than not, those soliciting your legal services are facing a difficult time in their lives. As such, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that they are enlisting the services of the right person. While every situation is different, there are still commonalities across the reasons why people will reach out to get your services. Therefore, you are more likely to obtain new clients if they know that you have the experience in dealing with their issues. You can encourage your previous clients to share their opinions about your services on social media in order to reach a wider audience.