Trendy Web Designs 2015

Web design has grown far from just being traditional. With advanced languages and techniques, designers have gone beyond exceptions to showcase their creative side. Today the clients are much demanding. They want ultra modern and engaging websites. In lieu to this, flat layout and typography are working just best. Let’s have a look at what is trending among the so called appealing web designs.

  • Single page web design

Single page websites are much user friendly and these are preferred over heavy websites that includes bulk of information and several pages that are enough to confuse visitors. User tend to stay on websites that offers more information in short time.

  • Fixed header bars

Fixed headers are trending now a days. It’s due to their stability and easy approach. Fixed headers don’t disappear as the user scrolls down the page. Thus, enhances user experience.

  • Responsive web design

This is a buzz word today. Responsive design refers to the websites flexibility for detecting and fixing appearance according to the screen resolution.

  • Flat web design

Facebook and Gmail are well known examples of flat web designs. These websites avoid any type of 3-D effect, decorations, stuffed images or shadows. Flat web design however focuses on saturated colors, creative typography and bold lines. Flat design usually has a fast loading time which makes it much appreciated among users.

  • Larger font size

Gone are the days when 12 point font was considered best for web pages. Now a day portable devices are majorly used for scrolling through websites. Reading standard 12 point font size is quite nerve wrecking on such devices. Therefore, keeping this thing in mind, larger font is trending. Also, it is much impressive and eye catching on both large and small screens.

  • Simple web design

A simple design is equipped with all sorts of navigations, images and only meaningful content which can also be to-the-point in most of the cases.

  • Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling allows texts and images appear in a presentable form with the help of animations or moving graphics. The very function enhances user experience and the entire website comes up as an entertaining object.

  • Varied typography

Varied typography helps in adding responsiveness to a website design. Font sizes may vary in different text and types.

  • Video focused

With the increased use of portable devices that allows users browse through internet has created base for videos viewership. Videos goes quickly viral than any other item. Users are

  • Color centric

Colors play a significant role in attracting visitors and keeping them scroll through entire website. Designer are understanding color psychology and producing effectively color centric websites according to business needs and type of audiences. This is making web design even more impressive.

  • Larger hero areas

These are the introduction areas that encompasses either and image or a video with no or limited text. The hero areas are designed keeping flexible resolution for each type of screen. These are further accompanied by a smaller icon that allows user to go back to the main site at anytime.


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