Is your website mobile friendly?

We can build you a mobile app that can engage your customers. This will allow you to interact with customers in a unique and different way then your competitors. Studies have shown that through proper investments in “mobile applications” a business can get an ROI that is larger then 300%.

Did you know more then 46% of online searches is done through mobile devices? When customers search your business online – it is important that they can easily navigate through your site and find the key information they need.

“More then 46% percent of online searches is done through mobile devices.”

Have you achieved search superiority?

Can customers easily find you on the web? Are all of your franchisees optimized for local listing? If I type in your top 3 services or products can I find you? What is your reputation online? Be sure to

Does your email campaign comply with CASL guidelines?

Your sales and marketing staff can be blasting emails away – and not know that each email they send can be a liability to the company.

To ensure you comply with CASL guidelines, make sure you obtain consent to send them emails. Also ensure that you have some “system” where you effectively store their contact information and when you stored their email. There are other pertinent tips to avoid penalties.