Bing Advertising

Bing ads use pay-per-click method to drive potential customers to your website. It is very similar to Google search ads where your ads appear when someone actually searches for certain keyword. No doubt, Google dominates on the search network. There are some good reasons to start advertising on Bing as well. Yahoo Bing Network is 29% of the search marketplace.Bing ads can get you some good quality leads for cheaper. On average, Cost-per-click on Bing is 33% lower than Google, due to low competition. Business owners and marketers are now realizing the importance of advertising on Bing.

Our Team is 100% Bing certified

Our Bing ads Strategy to ensure your success

1.Setting up Goals

Before actually starting with the ads, we want to know the objective of marketing campaigns. Based on that, we develop marketing strategy that campaign structure will revolve around.

2. Market research-

We will conduct a market research and analyze  search trends on Bing network for your area of business . Based on Search trends we choose the best keywords, bid and budget strategy to help you rank at the top of search result for the most relevant keywords.

3. Close monitoring-

We make sure your campaigns run smoothly and gives you the best possible results. Yahoo Bing is coming up with new improvements every now and then. We always lookout for new opportunities to advertise smartly .