Why custom applications?

Sometimes having a custom application built can be more advantageous. Here are some reasons why you should explore it:

  1. It can be inexpensive
  2. It’s created based on your company’s unique operations
  3. It’s built based on employee’s and management’s requirements
  4. It’s easier to customize once it’s been built


Want to improve performance?

Is tracking your employee performance important? What about tracking sales, marketing, and operations? We build custom web-based software tools for both small and large enterprises. With our software, we can help you plan the next home run.

Examples of software that we get asked to build

  • bioinformatics software
  • business software
  • computer aided engineering applications
  • editing software
  • educational software
  • entertainment software
  • genealogy software
  • graphics software
  • event management software
  • financial management software
  • customer relationship management software (CRM)
  • manufacturing resource planning software (MRP)
  • online collaboration software
  • franchise management software
  • personal training software for trainers
  • project management system
  • car rental software
  • equipment rental software
  • truck repair software
  • chemical engineering software
  • inventory management software
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • chat-simulation software
  • transportation and logistics software
  • dispatching software
  • forklift training software
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • health care software
  • industrial software
  • information and knowledge management software
  • news aggregation software
  • personal information management software
  • video conferencing software
  • dating website software
  • work flow software
  • online ordering software for retailers
  • learning management system (LMS)

Custom Software Development