Consider a team with game development experience

Our developers have solid experience in developing games and they know the nuances and technologies of the VR domain. The tech stack used in game development is the same one used to create virtual reality solutions. You will need the services of our specialists who will think over all the details of the experience you want to produce and make sure you feel great in virtual reality development. Whether you need VR content for an advertisement, healthcare, interactive education or gaming, choosing us will be the right thing to do because we have vast experience in game development.

Think about content interaction and the device

VR development securely interlinks with VR headsets available in the market. Recent releases of new versions of HTC Vive and Oculus have greatly improved user experience in virtual reality. Our developers have more possibilities and can build more realistic environments with these new advancements. Most users consider HTC Vive to be a leader in the list of the best virtual reality headsets. With a headset, two motion controllers, and two motion tracking base stations, this device provides a new level of engagement. Meanwhile, Oculus Rift is much lighter and has slightly better visual quality but its lack of hand tracking controllers is certainly a downside. Our developers know all about the newest technologies and releases and they also understand how different devices will perceive the content they create. Virtual reality is impossible without a headset, so this is one of the basic things that make up a virtual reality developer kit.

Consider outsourcing

Since virtual reality is a somewhat new sphere, there is likely to be a lack of talent in the market and the VR studios that have the expertise in this technology can milk your pockets dry. As such, it will be worth your while to consider outsourcing some or even all you VR development. If you choose to outsource VR development services from us, you do not have to worry about finding enough staff for your project because we will take care of that. Additionally, you do not have to buy development application licenses and all the headsets required for testing. This means that you can access skilled employees at an
affordable price. To sum it all up, it may be prove to be quite a task to find VR developers who offer several solutions in their portfolios but with our expertise in VR and ample resources, we are your best bet.