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What is a Shopify website?

Shopify is a commercial product that you need to pay for. It offers basic store functionalities that are fairly powerful and which can be maintained and used continuously.

First Page Wins it All

 Shopify is known to be easier to set up and use although it restricts you to a maximum of twenty-five store items when you begin using it. The platform offers a large collection of templates and themes to give your online store a feel and look to suit your taste and products. In keeping up with today’s must have requirements for a responsive website design, Shopify offers a good number of responsive templates that are free as well as paid for.

Why Shopify Customization?

There are many reasons why you should choose Shopify as your online business platform but there are also reasons why we as web developers enjoy using the platform to customize our client’s businesses. Here are some of them.

Security and flexibility

With our extensive experience in Shopify development, we are able to build an online store that is easy to manage, unique and highly secure.

 Infinite design possibilities

Shopify is a platform that offers an array of features and more than a hundred professional templates on a platter. This alone allows us to create an online store that is customizable to our clients’ needs.

With Shopify, your customers will be able to browse and purchase from your store from different devices such as iPads and smartphones while on the go.

Shopify Customization

Websitetoon is one of the leading Shopify development companies with an impressive track record of customizing online stores in order to boost their engagement and making them a great place to shop. We are extraordinary in our service provision. This is because the web already has endless e-stores with poor user experience and unattractive design. Our experienced expert Shopify developers build amazing online stores that are user-friendly and effective as well. 


Types of Web Design


Flat Web Design

This is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. It features two-dimensional illustrations, bright colors, crisp edges and clean open spaces. Rather than bringing characteristics of real life to an interface, it illustrates a clear separation between physical objects and technology.

Single Page Web Design

This type of site design is definitely not a new trend. Its continuity suggests that it is more effective and practical than most designs.  The single page design is not suitable for every purpose. Having an advanced purpose for your design, creating content to fit a single page and building an interesting layout are some of the most important focal points to make your single page design meet its full potential.