Each Second Counts

Countless studies have shown that a website’s speed impacts performance. Performance includes:

  • Customer conversion on websites & sales and other actions
  • Search engine ranking
  • Customer service and overall satisfaction
  • Customers ability to access key information

Worth the investment

Now you might ask how expensive is this service? The cost depends on the size of the application and it’s format. Depending on how the application is written, the cost of website optimization will vary. Normally this service is billed on an hourly basis.

The average website ranges from 10 to 100 hours on website optimization time. Here are some key questions to ask before investing in website optimization services are:

  1. How slow is my website now? Does it hinder conversion rates and sales? What is the ROI if “website speed optimization” could increase conversion by 3%?
  2. Could my web-based software application or website be more valuable to customers if it ran faster?
  3. If I get this service, how frequently would I need to be using it? Why was my application