What is WordPress?

WordPress is software that can be used to build a highly functional blog or website. It is both priceless and free. It began as a blogging system but has evolved over time to become a full content management system because of its numerous themes, widgets, and plugins.

First Page Wins it All


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4 Website Development Concepts

Keyword strategy

Clients usually search with keywords and that is why it is crucial for you to know which keywords they are searching for.

Data and analytics

You need to be aware of what pages your clients are spending most of their time on.

Search superiority

Checking how well you are currently ranking on search engines and if your competitors beat you on search.

User experience

Is your site easy to navigate and understand? Do your users effortlessly know what to do next? The higher the quality of your site, the higher it ranks.

WordPress Customization

At Websitetoon, we specialize in WordPress customization as well as custom developments. Our team of professional and expert WordPress designers and developers have years of experience customizing WordPress themes. As a leading WordPress based website Development Company, we also provide WordPress customizations ranging from simple to complex. We guarantee to offer you the best price in the market.


Types of Web Design

The purpose of having different types of web design is to make the most out of prevailing technologies and creating eye-catching websites.

Illustrative web design

Cartoon drawings and illustrations can liven up a web design and is one of the most creative ways of presenting information on a website.

Minimalist web design 

The aim of minimalism is to eliminate all irrelevant concepts and features. In this kind of design, all potential distractions are erased and elements are stripped into their most basic forms. It is a design that continues to trend in reaction to the overflow of information on the internet.

Typography web design 

First impressions last for a long time. Your typography helps in creating an experience for users before they click on a button or read the content on your website. Typography goes beyond just telling a story and shows the user behind the website and what they are about.

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