SEO Markham

SEO Markham

You may be in the know that Google changes its algorithm more than five hundred times a year, so think of doing something that many times in a single year. Each time that happens, the SEO industry feels it. The changes are subtle at times, but most of the time, they are major. Irrespective, a big part of SEO involves ensuring that your business site stays in line with Google’s ranking criteria. We are a search engine optimization company that can help keep your business on top.

SEO services in Markham

We group our SEO services into two: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. However, so our clients can understand better, it makes sense to group search engine optimization into four parts.

  • On-page SEO- This refers to each aspect that involves optimizing the actual web pages of the search. The things we consider under this category include layout, design, keyword positioning, keyword selection, and content.
  • Technical SEO- This involves our experts optimizing your site so that search engines can effortlessly traverse your website.
  • Off-page SEO- Here, we use different techniques to enhance the ranking of your website off of your website.
  • Local SEO- Search rankings vary based on location. As such, we augment your business site so that you can attain more local search rankings.

SEO strategy in Markham

As mentioned before, Google changes its algorithm quite often and as a result, many online business owners are unsure of where, to begin with, SEO. Nevertheless, we have a few strategies that will keep you on top of your game. We will optimize your website for mobile, reduce load time, optimize your site search, and improve your content among many other things. With such strategies in place, your business will certainly prosper in the online market.

5 steps for SEO in Markham

We have five basic steps that help us build a winning SEO strategy. With these, we are able to turn our client’s sites into effective revenue generators.

  1. We will first ask you about your business to get a general idea of what it entails. Since SEO can cost more than you anticipated, we will choose the pages of your site to optimize.
  2. We will then analyze your competitors to find out what they are doing so as to break into the top search results.
  3. The third step involves looking how your site competes with others in terms of SEO. This way, we are able to figure out what your website lacks.
  4. Once we find out what your site lacks, we focus on improving factors such as usability and design.
  5. The last step involves executing the strategy we have come up with.

Why hire SEO Markham

SEO is a specialized field and it takes the right professional who is familiar with social media, online marketing, and web design to create effective search engine optimization strategies. You want to spend your time running and growing your business instead of worrying about SEO. As such, it would be a wise decision to let us take care promoting your business online.

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