Shopify Marketing Agency

If you are a freelancer or running your own design agency, finding new clients can be quite a challenge. There are different tactics and techniques that you can use, but one that most agencies in the Shopify network benefit from is content marketing. Over the years, content marketing has been the tactic that consumer brands go to. Creating relevant, high quality content can help you gain publicity among potential clients, while also placing your online store as a leader in your particular industry. Content marketing can definitely promote your business just as long as you place content at the core of your marketing strategies. Here is what a Shopify marketing agency can do for you.

Build an audience via function blogging

When you hear about content marketing, you instantly think of blogging and rightly so. In the recent past, blogging has rapidly risen to be one of the most principal forms of content for B2B businesses due to its low barrier to entry and low cost, particularly when compared to other outbound marketing practices. Shopify design agencies leverage their blogs as platforms to engage potential clients, convey your brand’s distinct personality, and position it as a thought leader in the e-commerce industry.

Inform your audience

Although blogging is the main entry point a lot of agencies take when first approaching content marketing, there are numerous other sustainable options for formatting and distributing your content. One tactic that is steadily gaining popularity in the content marketing world is the email drip course. This method requires you to set up an email campaign that sends separate emails automatically at selected intervals over a period of time. Each email sent acts as a lesson component. It should have actionable tips and advice related to the main theme of your course. Not only do Shopify marketing agencies use the email course campaign to share actionable advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, they also use it as an opportunity to collect more information on their subscribers, qualify them as leads, and modify their business offerings. Email marketing courses are a great way to convert existing blog readers to subscribers, and consequently into business leads.

Bond with your audience by holding workshops

Content marketing is not an approach exclusive to the digital territory. You can accomplish success applying the same content creation techniques to your approach to offline initiatives like events or workshops. Shopify experts swear by content-based events for merchants. Every workshop that a marketing agency hosts has three main objectives, with the first being linking attendees with each other. Some of the most rewarding business relationships are as a result of connecting potential clients to other service providers they needed at a particular point in time. A lot of business owners like to have connections and will be willing to engage with a marketing agency if it is able to produce instant value for their business elsewhere. The second goal for such events is to exhibit an agency’s expertise in the dominions of web optimization and design. The last objective is to provide that actionable information in a way that provides instant value for members.