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If you own or are running a business, then you know all about making tough decisions. How to design an effective website to build an online presence, to reach more customers and increase profits, is one of those decisions.

Should you go with an employee with limited skills and experience?

It can be tempting to try and save a bit money by staying in-house and trying to use your company resources.

While this may save you money up front in start up costs, it will likely cost you in the long run. Big time.

Does this employee know how to direct quality traffic you your website, and use a call of action to optimize conversions?

What about hiring a friend or relative with some experience in web design?

Perhaps your cousin has some experience creating WordPress sites for running a blog or something similar. This may be fine for your cousin’s needs, but what about for your business?

Does you cousin know how to create a functional and responsive website?

How about hiring a freelancer to design my website?

Freelancers are typically people that used to work for a tech organization, or maybe developed a skillset on their own, through taking training courses and self-taught learning.

Many freelancers are quite skilled and able, the problem being that their overall skillset is limited. They typically specialize in one particular area of web design.

But what happens when your business grows, or significant changes are needed? Are they able to adapt?

The problem with all of these options is that they are just not experienced, qualified, versatile, or flexible enough to handle all aspects of your website design and development.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Designer

When you decide to go with professional website designers to create your website, you have all your bases covered, and you don’t have to worry about poor design quality, limited functionality, and ongoing maintenance.

A digital marketing agency will have a team of qualified professionals, with different specialties and strategies to optimize design and maximize results.

Some of the most compelling reasons to go professional, might be:

  • Design done right
  • Design that appeals to your customers
  • Smooth navigation 
  • Mobile responsive design

Design Done Right

When the design is done properly the first time, there is less concern about major problems occurring down the road. This means less required maintenance and downtime for your website.

It also means the job gets done properly. If you leave the design responsibility up to an employee or friend of the family, they may leave out important steps.

For example, a professional web designer will ensure that your website is properly indexed in Google to start building your google rankings. That is how potential customers find you.

They will also have plenty of experience performing analytics, to determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Design that Appeals to your Customers

Professional website designers will have worked with a wide variety of businesses, across a diverse range of niches.

This experience helps shed light on the what design will be most effective for your particular business, to generate the intended response.

Smooth Navigation

A website with an intuitive design, that is simple to navigate, makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

On the other hand, a website that is clunky or disorganized will push customers away, and they will leave your site with a negative experience.

They are more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about this bad experience, and all of sudden your entire business is cast in an unfavorable light.

Mobile Responsive Design

This may be the single largest factor for hiring a professional website design company.

It can be tricky to design a website that is responsive on all the devices that your potential visitors will be using.

For example, a website that looks amazing when accessed on a desktop computer, may look terrible and have no functionality when accessed on a smartphone.

As you can likely imagine, that is a huge problem. Most people use mobile devices for everything these days, and that includes shopping on your website.

If your site is not mobile responsive, you are throwing away a lot of potential business.

Professional Website Designers Hamilton

For businesses in Hamilton and the surrounding area, websiteTOON offers a comprehensive solution to web design and development.

The expert website designers at websiteTOON have a wide range of skills and qualifications, as well as an abundance of experience, to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product. 

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