WordPress Developers Aurora

Most of our clients at WebsiteToon keep asking us if they should use CMS or WordPress as their content management system. At the end of the day, it all depends on what the site hopes to achieve and what functionality is essential in achieving those goals. Having said that, for most of the organizations and business that we come across, WordPress is the best platform because we can extend it to suit most of the website needs of our clients. There is a huge developer community out there building plugins for WordPress for just about anything imaginable. Today, digital marketing requires organizations to have a CMS that is user friendly and does not obstruct marketing objectives and content. We recommend WordPress for your digital marketing since it is beneficial in the following ways.

Website gateway

Although WordPress is not a self-sufficient management system, it has an array of plugins available that can assist you in managing most membership needs.  With WordPress, you can manage your members easily, provide scheduling options for events, offer payment, sell your merchandise, and much more. If you have a small to medium sized business, you can use WordPress to create a community of brand ambassadors. With these solid digital marketing strategies and plugins, you can transform your website into a portal where your clients can access information. Our developers at WebsiteToon can extend and customize the functionality of WordPress to do precisely what you need. As such, you never have to settle for ‘off the shelf’ solutions because we can make your website a custom resource dedicated to the particular needs of your clients.

Content promotion

When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing is a proven strategy. We can produce content that your audience can use and add it on your website. Afterward, you can promote such content through paid channels, email and social media to reach your target audience. We have marketers in our team who will use certain phrases and keywords in your content in order to increase your visibility online. This helps to build backlinks, which are links back to the website through social shares and other mentions. WordPress began as a blogging tool so it is ideal for content marketing. Over the years, it has gone through fine-tuning to make it one of the easiest utilities for editing and creating content for websites.


This involves transforming visits to your website into sales. We will be able to track which of your content gets the most visits, comments or shares. We will then eliminate or tweak the bad content and expand on the good. Our developers are also able to track which calls to action work and which do not. With WordPress, it is possible to try a variety of calls to action and offers as well. After establishing that a call to action is not functioning, we will exchange it with something different that will produce better results. At WebsiteToon, we are always waiting to service that call so you know what to do if you need us.