WordPress Developers Bolton

WordPress has experienced steady growth and popularity since its launch. This does not come as a surprise since it is among the best platforms for website development with the shortest learning curve especially for new businesses that are not proficient in coding and lack the funds to invest in web design services. However, we at WebsiteToon can provide you with web design and development at a reasonable price. If you want web marketing for your business, WordPress provides unmatched levels of practicality with its easy to use plugins and features. Let us look at the platform’s benefits and what we can do to improve your online marketing strategies.

Enhanced site performance

One of the most important, yet disregarded components of effective web marketing is your website’s performance. If users cannot browse through your site easily, the chances of them going to your competitors increase. When it comes to site performance, the key element is page speed. Pages that load slowly are surefire ways to ruin user-experience, cause frustration and turn away visitors from your site. Fortunately, with our help, we can use WordPress plugins to make your website load faster. WordPress also has an endless choice of minimalist themes to choose from that can improve performance.

SEO at your disposal

As a startup business, you may have a hard time coming up with an effective SEO strategy that will help you rank higher on Google search. We can greatly simplify most of your search optimization needs. In order to have an effective SEO strategy, it is vital to have your site updated with relevant and fresh content and we can do that for you. WordPress makes our content management efforts as uncomplicated and intuitive as can be. Plugins on the WordPress platform give us indicators of how readable and optimized each web page is before publication.

Stress-free conversions

As a content management system, WordPress can make conversions easier than you think. A conversion is basically when visits to your site turn into sales. With WordPress, you can keep track of which of your service pages produces the most conversions and alter the calls-to-action on the inefficient pages. You also get to see what kind of content generates most comments, shares and page visits so that you can prioritize different types of content. There is no shortage of conversion boosting plugins either. From plugins for automatic pop-ups that ask users to subscribe to your newsletter to ones that help you to position your CTAs perfectly, we can easily find a solution to increase your conversions.

In the end, digital marketing is about much more than just positioning the right keywords. It also involves reducing your bounce rate and speeding up your pages. WebsiteToon is your perfect partner in digital marketing. We understand that you need to get your business out there and we will do all that we can to achieve that for you. Trust us to deliver in a professional and timely manner. Contact us to know more about our services.