WordPress Developers Brampton

Although blogging platforms have come and gone, WordPress remains standing. It has evolved from a universal and simple blogging site, to a pre-eminent and preferred open source web development platform. Research shows that it is the most widely used content management system and accounts for a substantial percentage of all new websites. At WebsiteToon, we particularly like to use the platform in building new sites for our clients. This of course, should not come as a surprise because WordPress comes with a lot to offer.

Cost effectiveness and simplicity

In the past, having a website created for you could cost you significantly. However, since the inception of WordPress, our services are more affordable. WordPress development and designing is extremely cost effective. Moreover the maintenance and upkeep cost is fairly cheap as you can do it yourself instead of hiring a web designer to update the content of your site every now and then. If you want us to develop a WordPress Theme Website for you, you should know that you can make changes to your website wherever you are as long as you have internet connection.

SEO optimization ready

One of the reasons we prefer WordPress is because it is user friendly. The websites we build using the platform have constant and simple codes that make them perfect for Google indexing. We can also customize SEO components for each of your website pages in order to give you full control on which of your pages you want to rank higher in search engines. This means that you can direct your SEO campaigns on high converting pages. With mobile traffic expected to exceed normal desktop traffic over time, responsive web design is no longer an option but a necessity. When we use WordPress web design, our clients automatically get the benefit of responsive web technology without the need to develop separate websites for different devices.

Expedient syndication

WordPress provides a highly efficient way to earn incoming links to your site. Anytime you post a new blog entry, it will go to an RSS feed automatically thus making it easier to group your content across directories and other websites. We understand that adding new functionalities and features can be extremely cumbersome for conventional websites especially those created using sophisticated platforms. With WordPress, you do not have to worry about any of that. It has plugins that we can easily install. Moreover, the WordPress community is very active and documents almost every best practice. Chances are, if you need to add new features to your site, there are other WordPress users out there that have documented what to do.

In this era of digital marketing when fresh content is of great importance, a WordPress theme website has an advantage over the conventional ones. Within a short period of time, you can update the content on your site and you can do so as often as you want. We believe in giving our clients value for their money and you can confirm that by trying us out.