WordPress Developers Vaughan

If you made a decision to invest in a website for your online business or update your design, you should also want to know what makes the sites of your competitors successful. So how can you do the same or better? You need to decide whether you want to hire a professional or do it yourself. WebsiteToon has all the answers you need. However, if you are a beginner, you may not understand why some developers are cheaper than others, or you simply did not realize what a website will cost. There is no need to worry because we are all about communication and we can work out a plan that can fit your budget. There is more to a website than you can possibly imagine that can make it a hit or a miss and that is why it is important to hire our SEO experts who double up as web developers.

Knowing your target audience is essential

When it comes to web design, first impressions matter. Contrary to what most people think, web design is not all about images, well-chosen fonts or a wow factor, that is how graphic designers think but not our SEO professionals. We are all about giving you an overall experience, branding, ease of navigation and improving the first impression your site visitors get of your business. Since our SEO professionals spend a lot of time on websites, keyword discovery, and competition analysis, they know what works not only for search engines but for real customers as well. You therefore have to submit that information before we embark on designing your website.

The right architecture is important for a great site

Intuitive and optimal navigation does not just happen. Web content architecture is a science and an art that our professionals have mastered. It helps to guide visitors to your website without points of friction and stands on planning and research. Just because it seems right with you, does not mean that the user experience is right for your audience and user experience does not just affect conversions, it affects SEO as well and more importantly the success of an SEO campaign. This is where our expert SEO professionals can really help because knowing the correct way to structure content is a skill we put to use on a daily basis in technical optimization.

Mobile friendly sites are the future

Statistics show that forty-four percent of all website visits come from mobile devices. So much so, that search engines prioritize rankings by mobile friendliness. A mobile friendly site adapts to every kind of screen resolution, adapts to every kind of device, loads faster and generally performs seamlessly on mobile devices.

Since we work on A/B testing, we naturally have the instinct to know how to optimize for conversions and design page structures with typography, colors, and optimal layouts that will potentially convert. This gives you as the site owner a competitive edge from the launch. Reach out to us and experience SEO at its best.