With the use of Smartphone and tablet devices, there comes the need for responsive web design. Mobile internet usage has outgrown desktop sales. People are more likely to browse through their mobile devices than just sitting in front of a 17 inches monitor. On an average about 67 percent of mobile users are reported to visit mobile-friendly websites in comparison to those that take considerable time for loading on mobile devices or don’t load at all!

Responsive web design is the answer for today’s high end technology and fast paced world. Here are some factors that decide why responsive design is the best option to support your mobile marketing campaign or SEO strategies.

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1. Google Recommends Responsive Web Design

Google highly recommends responsive web design because of using unique URL and HTML for all types of devices. This makes easy for Google crawlers to crawl and index content, organizing the same becomes even much easier. Unlike this in case of the websites which aren’t responsive Google has to do more work in terms of crawling and indexing multiple versions of a single site due to not having unique HTML and URL.

Also, because the responsive web design offers great user experience by making it easier for the users to share and view content from a single source than multiple variants of one website or a page. Google is now focusing more on pushing responsive web design for high ended user experience. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the ranking factors. Website owners should divert their marketing efforts to responsive design. Sooner the better!

2. User Experience

Responsive design offers a unique experience by allowing a website open in multiple devices with incomparable. You can just make a mobile unfriendly website and sit back. You got to make some efforts to convert your design to a responsive web effort. Users feel delighted when they can quickly switch between different devices and each time they end up with a fast loading equally performing website pages which also have that ‘just right’ view and optimization done according to different models.

3. Manageable and hassle free

In this tough economy you can’t afford to have two websites viz. one for operating on desktop and other for mobile devices. This is a clear sign of ignorance. You should know that a responsive website is not only able to perform equally well on all types of internet devices but it also helps in cutting down cost for SEO campaigns. Responsive web design allows easy management of one SEO campaign for one website which can be accessed on any device. Also it makes keyword optimization a much hassle free task.

Responsive web design is a Google recommended tool. Therefore marketers or web owners should understand the seriousness of creating a responsive design.