Misconceptions about ASP.NET development

Over the years, as great as ASP.NET is, it has been fraught with several negative misconceptions. Some of the misconceptions surrounding ASP.NET are; it is closed, ASP.NET development is very expensive, ASP.NET consultants and ASP.NET developers are liars. They will never tell you the plain truth about the tool. Another big misconception is ASP.NET is not suitable for a large network with a huge database.

It is rather unfortunate that most of the people propagating these misconceptions have not even tried it. So many people have been misled by these unfounded and unsubstantiated misconceptions. The truth is that those that promote these misconceptions actually do so because they have a problem with Microsoft.

Misconception: ASP.NET development is costly

A couple of the misconceptions of ASP.NET software have been countered in this article with the truth gotten from ASP.NET development companies. The one that has been thrashed thoroughly is the misconception of being expensive since that is the most widely accepted misconception about ASP.NET Mississauga.

Saying ASP.NET development is expensive is not only misleading, it is even a relative term. A product that is very expensive for an individual may be affordable to a company. Another perspective to it is the usefulness of the product or service. For instance, if a product costs $100,000 and it will help a company save $500,000 every month, is it still expensive? In whatever terms you want to put it, if you already have a Windows based computer, then ASP.NET is very cheap for you.

Most proponents of ASP.NET being expensive actually base their argument on the fact that Microsoft owns the tool and Microsoft does not offer anything for free. But on the contrary, everything anybody needs to develop ASP.NET application can be gotten for free!

Microsoft gives away WebMatrix free for beginners. Webmatrix is actually a development environment suitable for beginners. This facility also makes it possible for users to handover their websites to remote hosts. Even for advanced users, Microsoft offers a trimmed down edition of visual studio with limited functionalities for free. Not only that, Microsoft also gives a trimmed down edition of SQL Server for free. You only pay to upgrade to full version. For students, Microsoft runs a program named DreamSpark. Students can get a lot of useful Microsoft applications for free through the program.

Misconception: ASP.NET Software is not suitable for large networks.

Another misconception is that ASP.NET is not suitable for large systems with a huge database. Several big companies have adopted ASP.NET Toronto for their system and it is working very fine. A typical example is StackOverflow.com which is a Question and Answer site for developers of all kinds. This site runs on ASP.NET and it gets over 95 million views in a month. That is not all, it responds to about 800 requests in a single second. Isn’t it staggering that this site runs on just 18 servers? Yet some liars will say ASP.NET is not suitable for large networks.

To conclude, the list of misconceptions is long. But the most important and widely believed two have been thrashed above. As a professional, it is not appropriate to base one’s judgments and opinions on mere hearsays. It is better to find out the truth by one’s self. Regardless of the misconceptions, ASP.NET is a great development tool and if you want to delve more into it, please visit asp.net