Consultants are risk takers. A good consultant has to be a highly skilled developer with good communication skills. The quest to finding the right developer for your project can be a daunting one. However, you need to understand that you need someone who will always be available to answer your project needs. When you want to create certain applications within a short duration, a good consultant must be comfortable and reliable in carrying out the job. Before you can pick any consultant, you have to understand that he is a good researcher because you will always look to your consultant for advice. Obviously an programmer does not only program but also, is a mentor, advisor and leader on a specific project.

Since is a preferred language as it has a perfect combination of design and functionality at low development cost and time, it is evident one needs to choose a consultant who can deliver specific results that meets your objectives.


What do you want?

You need to be absolutely certain of what your requirement is before you start looking for a consultant who satisfies the requirement.

What is your budget?

Calculate your budget and find a consultant who can design a plan which suits your budget.

Factors to consider when choosing your consultant

1. Experience.

The more the experience, the more reliable development companies and developers are. This is because a long stint in the industry infers that they deliver values consistently. You can check developers for their credentials and technical skills in handle .net projects.

A developer should have no less than two years of experience. The more the experience, the more equipped they are at tackling technical problems.

2. Proficiency in Microsoft terminologies.

A good developer must have utilized in combination with windows and Microsoft sql server. Also required is a strong knowledge of most areas of including security features.

Upfront responsibility (guarantee).

A good developer must be willing to agree to taking responsibility for modifications, maintenance and fixing of unexpected errors on a project.

It is possible to have many developers who satisfy the above criteria. In addition, if you wan a great consultant, check if they satisfy these technical checklist.

1. He must be able to differentiate between exe and dll

2. He must be able to explain the preferred typing – strong-typing or weak-typing?

3. He must be able to tell the number of processes that can listen on a single TCP/IP port.

Also, he must be able to explain the difference between a thread and a process. He must be able to solve problems with GAC and also tell the usefulness of PID when trouble shooting a system. developers who satisfy these criteria are those who understand at the deep level However, having the skill sets alone is not justifiable. Team spirit, problem solving skills and the attitude towards problems are equally important.

Problem solving skills are developed from experience. You can interview a prospective consultant that when a code review of an system indicates a page putting the customers in the viewstate (“id”), what would he do?

How the developer answers this question reveals his technical experience.

A good developer must be able to imagine creative solutions to diverse problems.

You can have your development at development companies such as Toronto and Mississauga. Before you opt for one, make sure there are no hidden charges and terms.

To conclude, provides cost efficient services and detailed information on development and software. They achieve this through broad knowledge and expertise accrued from development over the years.