In the current startup ecosystem that is upbeat with new businesses taking birth every other month, newer and innovative ideas of businesses are being seen. Everyone is taking to the internet to deliver their services or products. And the increasing penetration of mobile that allows the use of internet has led to newer types of software called apps. An app is a type of software that can be used to perform a certain task. Softwares that can be accessed on desktops and laptops are called applications, whereas on mobile they are generally referred to as apps.

Custom software is crucial to success!

Startups cater to niche needs or some businesses are even creating a need where there were none. Some of these businesses are growing at a steady rate, year on year. As a business grows, the need to scale the system also arises. Does your software have the capacity to scale with your ever growing needs? Will it be productive to buy ready made software that everyone else is using to offer something that is very different from the market?Most CIOs would disagree. Automating everyday functions like hiring, scheduling, reporting, liberates you from having to spend hours doing things that can very well be performed by tools, freeing you for other more productive tasks like decision making.Using custom software is the right approach to bridge the gap between simply delivering a good service and differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack while still doing the same thing.Facebook Inc. CIO Tim Campos agrees that to improve organization efficiency, customized tools are the key. Custom software development or developing proprietary softwares that are tailored to meet your company’s needs can lead to greater success.

What can stand in the way?

There is an initial cost involved with creating custom software. Companies that run on shoe string budget may not be able to afford all that money. Off the shelf may best serve your needs?If you indeed choose to develop, whether or not to build it in house or outsource the job to a vendor is another question that you will have to answer. If you choose to build it in-house, do you have the required technical capability? If not, you may have to hire talent.There are inherent risks associated with developing software. The business will have to take into account all such risks and mitigate them.Time could be a constraint. If your business doesn’t have the time on hand to build software, then it is best avoided.
If the kind of software you need is already available in the market, it is possible that they will adequately meet your requirements.The business you run doesn’t so much hinge on technology. For example, you are running an online retail store. Great functionalities on your website may not lead to greater number of purchasers.But if you own a business that you are looking to scale to significant levels viz-a-viz your competitor, and need software that will scale with you, it is worth investing in customized software.