Simple Introduction to ASP.NET as defined by ASP.NET developers

First of all, ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP.NET is a Microsoft developed open source web related language developed for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages. It was developed by Microsoft not only for dynamic web pages but also for other web based applications and functionalities. But on the other hand, PHP that is also known as Hypertext Preprocessor is also a widely accepted open source multi-purpose language that is also suitable for web development.

The journey of ASP.NET development took four years of beta releases, trial versions and consequent improvements to get to a widely accepted stage. The period of this developmental stage spanned between 2000 and 2003.

It is after this regular assessments and improvements that ASP.NET software became a complete tool for ASP.NET developers. Microsoft promoted this language before, during and after the full development. This may be the reason for its quick acceptance and the emergence of numerous ASP.NET development companies.

What Attracted ASP.NET Consultants to the language

According to ASP.NET Consultants, there are several reasons for the world wide acceptance of ASP.NET over PHP and other scripting languages. The first reason is that it requires little codes for a complicated application and this saves development time and even makes it run faster. Since the cost of developing any software depends on the amount of code required and the amount of time required, this advantage reduces cost of development. What makes this possible is the offer of a big class library that has vast frequently used functions and sub-routines that do not need to be written from scratch.

The popularity of ASP.NET Toronto witnessed rapid growth because it is compatible with several other scripting languages and it supports numerous applications and databases. Microsoft is known for its obsession with all forms of security and ASP.NET is a Windows based application. Hence, the language was built with so many inherent security measures.

According to users of ASP.NET Mississauga, Microsoft maintains the language by regularly updating and upgrading it to be at par with technology advancement. So they (the users) don’t experience compatibility issues with new software or new functionality. Another advantage ASP.NET has over PHP is that the former is said to be very easy to install, object-oriented and more flexible than the latter. Finally, with ASP.NET, it is very easy to cache and to customize themes.

Major Drawbacks of ASP.NET Software

Every application has its advantages and disadvantages and ASP.NET is not an exception. Having discussed numerous advantages of ASP.NET over PHP, this article will be promotional and incomplete without mentioning the few disadvantages of ASP.NET. One major disadvantage of ASP.NET is its being more expensive than PHP and some other scripting languages. This has been confirmed by several ASP.NET consultants and developers.

Apart from being more cost effective, PHP has other benefits too. This is the reason some programmers, while comparing ASP.NET to PHP, concluded that none is better than the other as they both have their pros and cons. It is left for individuals to select which of them is more suitable.