Planning for success

Website designing and development milestones


When we sit down with our clients, the question we are invariably asked is, “How long does it take to build our website?” The timeline depends largely on the following:

(a)The size and scope of the project

(b)How quickly the client responds to requests for feedback and approval.

Most of the websites we complete are within the timeline of 4-6 weeks. However, there are many other factors involved that may vary timelines depending on the project requirements. Below a time line is provided, to guide you to through the design and development phase of a website leading to its launch.


What are you as a client responsible for?


We have some clients who are directly involved in every stage of the planning process, and some who are not as involved. Those clients, who are involved in every stage of the planning process, usually have a large marketing team who help in the design and development phase. The clients, who are not as involved usually, have a smaller marketing team or none at all; they usually rely on the agency from start to end.   As our client, you will need to provide us with brand related information such as your logo, colours, typography and communicate your website needs. We will give you with a questionnaire to gather information about your project.


Phase One:


We meet with you at your convenience, and discuss your needs and the goals you want to achieve regarding your website. We send over a proposal immediately after this meeting. Once the proposal has been reviewed and sent back to us, the scope of the project will be fine-tuned based on the client’s feedback.

If the website is more detailed, then we will set a time to meet or arrange a conference via to discuss all the necessary specifications in detail. Once both parties have a clear understanding of the project deliverables we move to Phase Two: Go Time





Phase Two: Go time


The timeline of this phase, as with any phase during the project can vary with different projects. In some instances, the client will be ready to start the process, in others they would have to meet/ have a conference once again to discuss the communications after our questionnaire is filled out. We recommend starting the project as soon as possible, as the communication is still vivid in the minds of both parties.


Phase Three: Site Architecture


During this phase, we send out an email outlining the pages that the client should create content for. During this time, we confirm with the client, his or her preference of layout of the website as well, and provide them with options from our own previously designed websites.


Phase Four: Design


This phase is where the website really comes alive. Our design team creates mock-ups of your home page based on your selection of layout. Each of the mock-up designs will offer a unique spin while adhering to the brand standards and goals that need to be achieved. Once approved, we work towards finalizing a design. This process usually varies between 4-6 weeks.


Phase Five: Development


During this phase, all the approved materials from the design phase will be sent over to the web development team. Here, the development team will break the design down into it’s individual elements and begin the process of building the various functionalities of the site.



Site launch:


Before we launch, our goal is to make sure that your site passes every test on every device and browser available in the GTA! Once your site has passed the test, our team will begin to do an in depth quality check for bugs and to see if forms are working properly etc.


We at websiteTOON, understand what a tiring and stressful procedure it is undergoing a design for a website. But we are here to make things easier for you!