Graduating from a Marketing Management program I had an idea of what I wanted to do. ‘Social Media’, I thought I would be perfect, considering every minute I’m scrolling my Instagram feed or refreshing my Facebook. Perfect. This was going to be my career path. Little did I know all that was going to change. I joined websiteTOON as the new intern, and I was put through a rigorous two months of training (learning) SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. I learnt that ‘social media’ was only a tiny aspect of a bigger picture that was Digital Marketing. It’s been a fun-filled, continuous learning experience since that fateful day in September, I thought I’d share five things working in a Digital Marketing Agency has taught me.


1.You are never TOO prepared: With my first client call, I was extremely nervous, so I made sure I read up everything I had previously “studied”, for over the past two months in order to sound like I really knew my stuff. On the phone with the client the call went something like this:

Me: And that’s how this works.. *Relieved that I was finished and sounded like I knew my stuff*

Client: Okay, thanks, but can you also tell me a little bit more about *certain aspect of SEO (which I clearly did not have any clue about) *


That’s when it hit me; I had to learn everything about everything. Ask questions, research. Trust me you are NEVER TOO prepared. It’s a continuous learning process.


  1. STAY RELEVANT! : I CANNOT emphasize this enough. Keep reading, there are so many websites, YouTube and other learning channels you can use to stay relevant regarding SEO. SEO is constantly evolving and there are so many new techniques out there you can learn to raise your SEO game. Keep exploring!
  2. Google is your BFF: Pretty self-explanatory. Working in a busy digital marketing agency, no one has the time or patience to teach you things, you need to figure out things for the most part on your own and a good digital marketer NEVER stops researching.
  3. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself: Most of the time dealing with clients, I always had to make design decisions on the spot. It was here I learnt to trust myself with decisions. It is very likely clients will ask you for suggestions; trust yourself enough to give those suggestions and explore your creative side.
  4. If you have a question for a client, ASK! :Numerous times I have dealt with clients, I’ve gone without asking them what they need EXACTLY for their websites and have made umpteen mistakes and at times lost a client or two. It is imperative that you ask questions on the spot and make everything clear before you proceed to designing their website.