For those looking for new websites or website redesign, it is an excellent idea to point all focus on the homepage. The website homepage serves, as the company’s virtual front door and is the page responsible for the majority of the website’s traffic. Despite its obvious importance many people still do not know how to optimise it properly.

The website’s homepage has many roles, rather than just acting the landing page, the web design of the page needs to be in a way that it will serve different audiences from multiple origins. For the page to be useful, the design needs to incorporate these purposes. In other words, the design of the homepage needs to invite visitors, attract traffic, and educate visitors.

Should clearly state what company it represents and what the visitor will gain

If it is a website for a well-known company, this might not be vital and can be overlooked. The reality is that most businesses need to make sure the homepage answers these questions to every visitor for them to know if they in the right place. If the visitors cannot identify what the business deals in within the first few seconds of landing on the homepage they will not stick long.

A headline

Any website designers should ensure that a visitor knows what the website has to offer within the first three seconds of landing on the website. This is where the importance of the website’s headline comes in. The headline can only be a few words, but it is the most important copy on the site. Different people visit the website, and at times, it might be very hard finding a one-liner that will impress everyone who visits the website. In this case, it is advised to choose a headline that excites at least 35% of the visiting traffic, and in return, most people will be happy with the product being offered.

The headline needs to be straightforward and precise. There is no reason to add lots of jargon to the headline.

Links to social media

If the company wants people to engage and follow with the company on social media, then it is a very good idea to place social media link buttons on the homepage in a consistent manner. The buttons should be placed in an area whereby new visitors can easily find them without having to sweat in search for them. By a business increasing its social media following, it increases the eyes on its contentment and increases the number of visitors.

Call to action

The other goal of the homepage is to compel the visitors to dig deeper into the other parts of the website. For this reason, it is thus important to add at least two calls to action that will direct visitors to the different areas of the website. The calls to actions need to be striking to the visitors as soon as they land on the homepage. This can be achieved by use of colour contrast that fits well with the overall web design.

With the few tips in mind, it becomes easier to get a working website that delivers to the needs of the building. Web design Toronto is at an all-time high with everyone around joining the online community. Getting a good designing firm for the website ensure that the website looks good and generate traffic to the business.