The design of your website can either attract visitors to long for more knowledge about your business or it can actually drive them away thus leading to a loss of potential clients. At times you may have asked yourself what that one thing is that is driving away the visitors. There are several website problems that may be hindering your site’s prosperity and we look at some of them below.
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Little or no clarity

Visitors to your website should be in a position to know where to go and what to do next. In the worst case scenario, where they do not get proper guidance as to where they should go, they will leave and go to a competitor’s website. It is therefore important to seek the best web design services when developing your site that have a clear call to action where visitors can take action to meet their desired goals.

Homepage lacking focus

When there is a website problem in regards to the site’s homepage and it fails to provide the basic idea as to what it is about and what it has to offer, it leaves visitors with many questions. . You therefore need to be sure that a website analysis is carried out to find out if your homepage explicitly conveys what you do. This will entice visitors to explore extra information and in the best case scenario encourage conversations.

Lengthy forms

Making your visitors fill lengthy forms can be quite frustrating for them as it takes up a lot of their time. You can try reducing the form’s length and give them something in return like a personalized quote, an eBook or a PDF. A website analysis will assist you in knowing whether you are asking too many questions or irritating your visitors and at the same time pushing them away.
Poor website design
Huge blocks of text are difficult to read and exhaust eye muscles. Seek the help of professionals for web design services who will advise you on the choice of words to use in describing the services you provide to clients and the images that are suitable for your site. You want to use understandable terminology instead of complicated jargon. If you use huge color palettes on your website, especially artificial bright ones, that make text difficult to read, it is good to reconsider your choice because it can be unpleasing to the eye.
Hard to find contact information
Contact information should be easily accessible and found frequently throughout your site. If your visitors are having a hard time getting in touch with you, they will simply go on to the next website. Include your email address, location and phone number in order to build up your business’s credibility and show your visitors you want them to reach out to you for any concerns or queries. The goal of any business is to avoid any website problems and provide its website visitors with the best user experience and least amount of disruptions. By avoiding these website mistakes and carrying out a website audit, you are most likely to have a more user- friendly website.