SEO: Beating The Competition


Many a time entrepreneurs fail when they take a back seat after seeing successful results. They stop investing in SEO activities anymore. This is the point from where there business starts to fall gradually.

SEO is not a onetime activity, rather an ongoing process that needs clear strategies and up gradation for beating the competition. SEO trends are ever changing, its area is widened. Every now and then competitors find a new way to realize their online availability.

Your decision about ceasing SEO efforts in such high completion can prove fatal. Here are five techniques which are proven to be successful over competitor’s strategies:


1. Pay close attention to keywords selection

Do not just take few random keywords and start building your marketing strategies, rather do a careful keyword research. Look for the phrases or words that yield higher traffic among competitive search engines. Follow your competitors ‘keywords for beating them with their sword. We have keyword tools for determining the keyword rankings. This is helpful in choosing targeted keywords for planning out your own marketing strategy.


2. Lots of content creation

Be creative and let the words speak for you. Search engines pay high value to quality content. No matter what SEO strategy you are applying for attracting customers, search engine gets attracted only to wisely done content.New content keeps your website fresh and up to date for appealing visitors. People have become more internet savvy and they can now easily figure out the rotten content. Always keep yourself engaged by offering informational content that can create positive image in front of end users.Social media has made people very generous in terms of sharing. This further allows websites to create sharable content which may bring back thousands links for free. By investing in content creation, you would always stand out the crowd.


3. Monitor competition

Keeping a close watch on your competitors backlinks, their progress and fall helps in saving yourself from making wrong choices. Also, the same helps in creating strategy to beat their next SEO move. You can easily monitor your competitors backlinks using free or paid tools like Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO. These give a detailed outlook on your competitors SEO activities.


4. Track competitors’ on-site SEO

Besides, monitoring your competitors off-site SEO, also track down their on-site SEO activities for channelizing your efforts. Changed SEO strategy on your competitors website can be a result of either penalization or some newly gained knowledge. Tracking meta tags, title tag formations, headers, internal backlinking etc can help in easily tracking down on-site SEO. This too can be done using freely available tools.Being in competition clearly means to gauge competition and act in response to it. Make sure your strategy is upright and strong enough to produce long term SEO benefits.


5. Be up to date

SEO trends are ever changing! Make sure you always grab the newest SEO technique before your competitors. This would help in imaging you as an actively serious marketer. Monitor your SEO progress weekly. This would help in deciding which strategy is most or least benefiting and which has the scope of improvement.