If you have ever been a marketing consultant or in SEO, then perhaps you remember the dark ages when you literally lived at your computer desk. Although tablets and laptops presented more freedom to roam, there was still an extent of restriction there.

Then came the iPhone and we all know how amazing it was, is and will continue to be. Due to its functionality and design, the iPhone has become a vital tool for SEO and digital marketing in Mississauga. With the addition and help of apps, this phone can now complete all offline and online aspects of a business.

As a business owner, you take on a big role when it comes to marketing your website. App developers in Mississauga create apps to make life easier, particularly for those who are constantly on the go, and as such, the following app commendations will better allow you to manage your website marketing campaigns while away from the office.


Essentially, Podio is a virtual office and even though there may be many similar apps out there available for download, Podio stands out from the rest because of its features. They include scheduling meetings, tracking job candidates, handling sales leads, project management and messaging just to name but a few. Additionally, the app is free.


At times, you just need a simple app to jot down your sketches, ideas, and thoughts. Unlike notepads either on actual paper or on your phone, Evernote can also capture online images. If you’re having a hard time recollecting something, a simple keyword search on the app will revive your memory.

Google Analytics for Android

This one is a no-brainer because when it comes to SEO, having your website’s Google Analytics in the palm of your hands to access anywhere and ad anytime permits you to check in when motivation strikes. App developers in Mississauga confirm that the app is updated on a regular basis so if you download it today, it will be up-to date with your newest Android software.


If you earn a living through blogging, it would be impossible to do so without the help of WordPress. Thanks to this free app, you can publish content on your website even if you’re away from home or the office so there’s no excuse to leave your site unattended.

SECockpit SEO Keyword Research Tool for iPad and iPhone

This app helps you perform keyword research on the go. The plain interface works to ease the process so that you can get the basics of your keyword searching.

App developers in Mississauga confirm that the numbers match up after comparing the results of SECockpit to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner on numerous occasions. This app will increase your keyword research efficiency.

Dashboard for iPads and iPhones

If you own an iPad or an iPhone, then there’s no reason why you should go without your essential Google Analytics Data. Dashboard accesses your Google Analytics and presents your main performance indicators including real time information, which is key for businesses that observe live content campaigns.

The performance tracking of red, yellow, green on the interface isn’t a homage for local celebrities, it simply offers a fast and easy way to view your site’s position in relation to the goals you have set in your analytics. Dashboard for Google Analytics is resourceful and easy to use.

SEO Automatic

While there’s a free lite version of this app, app developers in Mississauga recommend that you splurge on the full version. This is because SEO Automatic does almost everything from content and code analysis to on-page analysis. And it actually completes the analysis within a minute.

HubSpot for iPad, iPhone, and Android

This app offers so much more than the delivery of analytical data. It actually puts tracking into the perspective of overall digital marketing in Mississauga. The Marketing Grader interface provides you with a score in regard to your social media lead generation, mobile optimization, blogging, and SEO.

The lead generation capabilities permit you to act on your website’s customer acquisition openings and tie your whole staff into the process. This is a definite must have app for SEO and all the business that come along with strong organic search performance.

SEO Pro for iPad and iPhone

Keep track of all the big identifiers you use to monitor your website’s performance with SEO Pro. It tracks and displays the SEO ‘Big Three’ of MozRank, Alexa Score, and PageRank in addition to the usual suspects along with social media marketers for the Social ‘Big Four’ of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which help in digital marketing in Mississauga.