Search Engine Ladder: Reach Higher & Higher


Boosting ranking is not solely about getting traffic or gaining popularization. You also need to sustain as a top ranking website which needs consistent approach in link building. Many visitors may come to your website but what counts is the considerable amount of time that they are likely to spend on your website. The time spent by each user/visitor decides the boost in your page rank which is important in Google’s eye.

To be able to keep visitors visiting again and again you need to have high quality and reader friendly content on your website. Also you should make your website more interactive for the users so they can feel connected and may stay for a longer time.

We have learned a lot about building quality links, let’s go a little technical about how you can rank faster in Search Engines:

Content is the key

As already mentioned several times in this Ebook that content plays a key role in today’s link building process. If you can promise quality information to your visitors, then they would like to share your content throughout their online networks and here you get success as a link building strategist. Make sure you use descriptive texts (not more than 60 characters) for the site’s title tag. This will enable search engine listings to track relevance of your site’s content and your website will be displayed in as many searches as possible.

Establish Yourself as Expert

Ranking in search engine is no big deal if you know how to follow the right approach in establishing yourself as an expert. You can do this by having a customer-centric approach. Make your website focused on a particular niche and make it easier for your target customers to track it. Involve yourself in each discussion that your customers start, give relevant points and create a healthy environment for them. This will again help in dragging more targeted customers through the “word of mouth” which spreads like fire over the World Wide Web. This will help you in establishing yourself as an expert in the field and your website will rank a lot many times faster in the search engines. Whatever you do, keep growing in search engine rankings and you will reap better profits in the longer run.

Relevant Keywords Make You Rank Higher

It is relevancy that search engines track in terms of keywords. If your keywords are not relevant or are less relevance, then your ranking success may face a depression. You need to work on the keywords you select for a particular niche as this will decide your online success as a marketer and link builder. An advice is to incorporate strongest keyword in title tags for optimum positive impact on the search results.

 Be Social

Announce each of the newly published content on your social channels for reaching out to the varied audience and hitting target customers. Your valuable information will be further shared by social users and your ranking will manifold automatically. Make sure your on popular social media sites, and directories; these sites typically have high page ranks and provide SEO value.

Internal Linking Helps

This tactic allows you to build links within your website. You can install a “related links” plug-in for your website and it will show two to three or even more links for the related posts which have been already posted on your website. In this way you would be able to keep a visitor engaged and more focused on what you have to offer.

Keep your Website Active

Building links is not solely about keep doing link building efforts outside the website. You should also focus on keeping your website active by providing fresh content all the time and offering new things for your visitors. Each time a visitor revisits your website, he should experience trending growth and progress as a dominant player.