Principles of Strategic and Ethical Link Building


The first and the most important basic principle of strategic link building is to develop links from authority websites only. This opens doors for ethical link building and thus saves you from penalization. You must be thinking why an authority site would like to link to your website? Many marketers fail when they hesitate in going forward with this type of link building and rely on good old methods. As well as, low level link building techniques which only helps in building links but merely counts when it’s about extracting link juice from the very website.

Therefore linking to some authority domains becomes important for any business or website. The authority websites or say established websites need exposure and publicity all the time no matter how big they are at the moment. Their main concern is to keep reaching to varied audience. With this aim, they allow other websites to link with them. So, this is a kind of mutual benefit and you don’t just feel guilty about unethical links. Links built through any authority website are considered as authority links and the links which are genuine. Even Google index such links in a much quicker way and accept them as coming from reliable sources. Now tell me which method is effective and durable? Getting authority links or some kind of low quality links which are removed within a week or two after submission!


Here are some basic principles to help you with more strategic and ethical link building planning:


Get to know your online community

The term “your online community” relates to the existing communities in your niche. This includes weblogs, forums, websites, social pages, newsletter and associations which allows you to participate in the current and existing topics or discussions and then to drop your link to gain link authority in exchange of valuable advice or information which you contribute on that particular community. There are several ways to keep a close eye on recent updates in your online communities, signing up for newsletters, creating twitter lists, subscribing to RSS feeds to name a few. Catching up with latest updates in your community is crucial as this awareness will make you actively participative and your presence will be counted among the particular niche. So it’s kind of shooting for two rewards with one arrow!


Watch out your keyword selection

If you have decided to focus on certain keywords for your new website, then wait and reconsider afterwards. You first of all need to know that keywords are backbone of link building process. A mere selection of wrong keyword(s) may lead to negative or hopeless results which you may never want to see in your entire career. Therefore, it is advised that you study your niche deeply and observe targeted customers, understand their needs and preferences and then move on to deciding keywords for your website. To be more precise, watch out how your customers think and like to search in most probable cases. Because not all customers are internet savvy and not all of them understand optimised research methods, therefore a large population types in the search engines as they think. For example a Lehman would search for list of link building websites as : “list of link building websites”(this is how common man searches) and not as “link building websites: list”(this is how internet professionals search). Did you see the difference? This simply indicated that selecting long tail keywords is the key today! Just make sure that it’s not too long to read and complement your link building efforts.


Keep automation for other purposes

Marketers fail when they rely on automating link building process. They often end up with negative results and dropped positions in search engine rankings. As a professional internet marketer, I advise you to be wary of automation for link building purpose. Don’t waste time and energy in creating fake links, which takes your website nowhere in terms of search engine ranking and online presence.


Provide outbound links

Now this is reverse of what you were trying to do while getting links from authority websites. You must be thinking how this could help in building rank faster and how does this help in ethical link building; the answer to this lies in ‘online exposure’. Giving outbound links to quality websites or content helps in establishing your say in the online community. Outbound links lays foundation for a remarkable online presence and relationship with peers and competitors in the similar niche.

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