Must Follow Social Media Etiquette


Are you planning to give up on Social Media Marketing? Remember, this is a big fail! Now, is the time for businesses to capture market through effective social media marketing and planning.

You may have been disappointed due to no or poor social media results. But, wait! Have you been doing it right? Most entrepreneurs often don’t do it right.

Social Media platforms allow you to grow through leaps and bounds with assured success. However, not everybody knows how to do it right. Let’s talk about the social media etiquettes which are often ignored by most of the marketers. The biggest reason why their marketing efforts fail!


Basic Etiquette For Social Media Platforms

Whether you are trying to build audience through any of the popular or lesser used social media platforms, there has to be certain basic etiquettes that should be followed.

Update Accounts

Marketers often forget after building accounts. You need to keep your accounts regularly updated for keeping the users engaged and interested.

80/20 Rule

Forgetting about the 80/20 rule can be a real threat to social media success. Do not forget to add 80% of informational posts that can solve visitor’s problem or may satisfy their queries. Only 20% posts should be self promotional. Do not just concentrate your social media activities to your page. Get ENGAGED! Look for business related queries, discussions, information on the entire social media platform and engage with the audience. Try to solve issues to get noticed. If you are trying to publish sales content somewhere, make it look genuine to avoid appearing like a spammer.

Post Variety

You cannot make your social accounts look like identical twins. Do not post the same kind of posts to all social networks until its news or an important announcement. Give your audience variety. Each social media clientele has different taste and preference. Try to recognize the trend and generalize your post accordingly.




Etiquette Tips for Major Social Media Platforms


  • Post daily on Facebook, it being the master social media platform but make sure your posts are spread throughout the day.
  • Facebook allows better interaction than other platforms. Utilize this feature and be communicative with your audience. Do not leave any query or comment unanswered on your business page.
  • Do not appear starving for ‘Facebook likes’. This makes you appear as a complete loser. Instead, make your posts effective enough that one is compelled to like.


  • Do not make your post full of hashtags. A minimum of two hashtags are enough in each post.
  • Don’t stuff your post with keywords. This makes your post look like a SEO-bot.
  • It’s not mandatory to complete 140 characters in one tweet. You should use less than 140 characters and it would make you appear as a genuine user who is not keyword obsessed.


  • Give credit. Link back to original sources.
  • Keep pinning throughout the day instead of sending all pins in just one hour.
  • Pin only clear images. Nobody stick eyes on blurry images.