Contribution of Social Communities for Gaining Competitive Advantage


Social media marketing is the key for generating traffic on your website through various social media techniques.

Social websites have actually made the world look many times smaller by allowing access for interaction and communication throughout different geographies. People exhaustively use social groups or communities for small to large discussions ranging from cooking to corporate.

Digital marketers take the whole socializing process as another lucrative marketing opportunity and they are using it to their benefits for getting traffic on business websites. On the other hand social communities reap the advantage of growing online popularity and achieve a sustainable position. To be in social media marketing one has to put constant efforts and needs to be hyper active for gauging social media marketing trends.


Follow these simple rules of social sharing for achieving link building success:

Marketers fail when they shrink their focus from high quality to low quality sharing on social media sites. They forget that they are entertaining real time audience and eventually they end up losing people’s trust. The entire link building effort fails. Therefore, knowing a few simple rules of social sharing may help in reaching to the right audience and hitting the right customers.

1. Engage

We all know that social sharing is all about quality content. Hence, engaging yourself in distribution of some quality content will bring good results. Go viral with your content all over the web using social communities.

Harness the power of social media by using brand awareness among the users. Provide free giveaways and I bet these won’t go in vain. People like to follow links which offer them something valuable for free.

Engage your target audience in sharing your product or links all over the web by adding social sharing widget to your website.

2. Be Authentic

Only few out of many Internet marketers top the number in social sharing websites.

Those don’t reach top positions often fails to realize the fact about being authentic. Faking online can be threatening to your marketing efforts.

3. Keep Content Premium

It’s kind of a success when you add another post on your blog but hitting “publish” can’t be a fabulous idea if your content is off-quality.

Online marketing through social media can be worth it, only if you publish premium content. It should be something of value to the readers so they can feel attracted to hit your links.

While you announce your content on social community websites make sure each website has different approach and language to use so you don’t fall prey to ignorant tactics and end up ruining your efforts.

Study posting rules on a particular social community and announce your content accordingly.

4. Experiment

This can be a little time consuming but you don’t learn until you fail. So make it a point to experiment new things with your social sharing communities and see what results they bring for you.

One good example can be to start heated discussions but you have to be careful in choosing discussion topics so these are not offending to a particular group or community on a social network.