Content is KING – What about QUALITY?


In terms of modern SEO, the content is king and a good content is able to push up your links faster and building a positive image about your business and products in a reader’s mind. Thus, content has a major role in deciding your success in link building.

Many marketers complain even after achieving higher ranking in Search Engines because they hardly get traffic and business/profits thereof. This happens when you involve yourself so much in building just links that you actually devalue building quality links which comes with quality content and brings traffic to your website.

In order to achieve business and traffic, you as a marketer need to understand the importance of content creation and distribution. Again this has two sides, content can be low quality or high quality depending on the web spaces you are choosing for submission. Now when we are focusing exclusively on strategic and ethical link building, we should eliminate low quality content from the scene and keep our focus only on high quality content which is able in developing high quality back links and dragging high quality traffic to our websites.

With high quality content we mean you should build exceptionally valuable content for the targeted audience or customer and you can do this by following a few easy to remember points and guidelines.

Do some homework

Research about related content, look at the traffic statistics a particular type or category of content is able to drag and check out competition for focused keywords in Google. Discover what people are discussing about the topic and subjects in forums, communities and other similar platforms. Try to understand people’s (targeted customer’s) needs and wants out of a specific program or product; Analyze their expectations. Study what other marketers are unable to provide to your targeted audience and hit the right nerve by providing content which can cover up dissatisfaction among them. Develop such needful content and flash/distribute through your networks (high quality networks). If your content is able to provide valuable information then your targeted customers are sure to click through your links and fall for your products or website. This is how content plays a key role in fetching back links as well as traffic for your website. However, the whole lot of process is quite complicated and it requires only trained professionals who can create a real masterpiece which is saleable.

Hire the right content providers

Building quality content should be your approach. Be reminded that only the right kind of professionals can cater to your content projects. Many marketers hire novice or unskilled writers just to save a few dollars. This doesn’t serve as a beneficial deal as the quality of content may not be at par with the specifications as required for dominating the content market. Always, hire professional agencies or individuals. Also, you should not ignore the significance of conducting a background check. Before hiring, make sure you have done fair research about your soon to be content team for ensuring integrity and quality.