Once your business goes online, it should be constantly reviewed for ethical SEO. Mere ignorance in SEO techniques may lead to severe Google penalties. The mighty Google update trios- Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are far more competitive to find and penalize websites which aren’t following expected SEO rules. We suggest you to review your website and correct the following mistakes (if any) immediately.


1. Content Duplication

It was the earlier fashion when copying content from one source to another was sufficient for achieving higher ranking. Now, is a time to improve on this technique! With the focus on publishing, SEOs were converting search engines to junks which are not acceptable after Google updates. Content is the king today. If you want to gain better ranking and image, create original content for the readers and audience. Not just content originality helps you, it also has to be informational and excellently created as per Google standards, failing which may again lead to penalization.

Time is tough entrepreneurs, tighten your belts and create the best content to remain in competition.

2. Keyword Strategies Blunder

Do not take keyword strategy too lightly. It should be developed with utmost research, coordination and further plans of action for realizing your marketing goals. The SEO climate is ever changing, you should keep a close watch on trending keywords for framing right strategy.

Focus on Keyword research, Save yourself from Google penalty.

3. Say ‘NO’ to Spamming

Blog commenting, trading links, forum links and other similar link building techniques have grown obsolete. Google is no longer entertaining such practices. Right after the release of Hummingbird, the SEO has become more focused towards earning links rather than building them by dropping here and there. Today, Google wants you to present a base of quality links for sustaining your business and taking it to higher rankings. Spamming is a plain ‘NO’ and it is strictly penalized.

Build quality links for escaping penalization.

Seek Help….

Website owners, big or small, knowingly or unknowingly run the risk of getting penalized due to unethical SEO practices. However, you can’t leave these errors unaddressed. This may cost a lot to your business. You can’t let your website down for an hour, thinking about a day or more is even horrifying. Therefore, you need help! Unless you have a competitive in-house team for SEO, an ideal solution to fight with the after effects of these SEO mistakes is to discuss your problem with an SEO manager who holds mastery in fighting the SEO odds and make things work again in favour of your business or website.