SEO world is ever changing, ever changing are the techniques! You got to tighten belts for the upcoming SEO challenges during rest of the 2015. Are you ready to review your SEO aims strategies and approach.

Google has already released 13 updates during 2014 and is more likely to make a bigger impact on websites performances with its newly released updates. It is always better to be prepared beforehand than regretting latter!

1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile traffic has taken over desktop sales today! It was showing signs since 2012 and now the market hugely witnesses a large number of mobile users who use their mobile devices for internet browsing. Therefore it validates for increasing mobile optimization efforts. Google highly recommends the use of responsive web design for tapping mobile audiences. It greatly emphasize on offering exceptional user experience which can be rightly answered by none other than responsive websites.

Marketers are encouraged to shift their focus towards mobile optimization via introduction of mobile marketing campaigns.

2. Search Pattern

Broad keywords aren’t fashioned for 2015. These aren’t too expensive but also fail in attracting targeted traffic. Marketers should focus on targeting long tail keywords by studying the appropriate search pattern for their targeted audience. Long tail keywords results in lower competition and are great in producing desired results in term s of sales leads. A keen study on the market behavior and search pattern would be an add-on in suggesting the right keyword strategy for today’s online marketers.

3. Earning don’t just build links

One thing that remains constant even in 2015 is the value of inbound links. Try not to create links for your website anonymously rather earn them through blogging and networking. Make connections with authority bloggers and webmasters for various link sharing purposes. Also, you can use a website’s ranking for your benefit by genuinely creating guest posts for it. 2015 is the time to create relationships than just being individually active.

4. Set High Ended Social Media Goals

Social media is the voice today! You should take advantage of every social media channel available on the web. Design high ended social media goals and stick to them unless realized. Do not just use social media for earning name but also use it for maintaining your brand image and sustenance. Use your social media channel as a customer service funnel, this being the only channel to connect a brand and its customers on personal level.

5. ROI metrics

Putting in great money for SEO campaigns and just keep putting it for the sake of seeing that ‘number one ranking’ text in your mail box isn’t sufficient. Your SEO efforts should be focused on increasing ROI metrics. Don’t just get dragged by alluring keyword metrics your SEO agency has to show rather ask for ROI metrics. If they aren’t able to generate ROI, then it is probably the high time for kicking them out and delegate SEO matters to the one who understand the significance of ROI metrics in line with SEO efforts.