Heart Breaking News for some Developers

Google has recently announced that it will no longer support certain API’s (Application Processing Interface). This is huge for some Google Partner’s and Developers who rely on using Google Technology.

Some of the API’s are:

  • Google Patent Search API
  • Google News Search API
  • Google Blog Search API
  • Google Video Search API
  • Google Image Search API

You may want to learn more about Google Developers from their website.

What is the take away?

Be careful when relying on other third-party giants to help you build your software or product. These giants are a very powerful resource; and this is both a strength and weakness. As you become dependent on them, the potential detriment of them no longer supporting the API will increase.

The long-term solution?

The key is to invest in developing proprietary technology that your company owns and supports. Sure this might be expensive, but if your looking to invest and be a serious player in what you do, then it’s probably worth the investment.