If you are A PPC master or a beginner handling ads for your own business. Your main goal is to increase visibility to the users, that directly impacts Click-through -rate(CTR). High bid is not a long term solution for better ad placement. There are many factors that contribute to achieving high ad rank position besides bid amount. Google rewards relevant ads with better position.

Ad Rank is a dynamic metric and is calculated every time your ad gets into the auction process. Mathematically Ad Rank= Quality Score X Bid

Quality score

It is a score based on scale of 1-10 that impacts ad rank and also Cost per click (CPC). It measures your overall success of ad performance.The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to the user, the more likely it is that you’ll see higher Quality Scores. Since ad rank directly affects CTR. It is absolutely necessary to work on improving factors that contribute to high quality score.



  • Expected Click through rate(CTR)
  • Landing page relevance
  • Ad copy relevance



Google generates 97% of their revenue from ads. It is not surprising they would reward the one with higher bid. It is one of the factors contributing to high ad position but definitely not the only one. Moreover, bid amount varies with the amount of competition in the industry or location. There are various bid strategies that can push Google to show your ad even with low bid amount. For e.g. ‘’use flexible bid strategy’’ is one such technique where you command Google to present ad only at certain areas of the page. If you are using manual CPC, be careful while bidding. Don’t be fooled for bidding more on certain keywords that are not worth the click.


Tips to Increase quality score-


Keyword selection

Do in depth research about the business you are doing ads for and keywords that best defines your service. Researching on long tail keywords can bring in relevant traffic to your site. Learn more about keyword strategy.


Ad copy

Ad copy is similar to a 1000-word essay describing your business. Only, the challenge is to choose handful words that comprises everything 1000 words point towards. Ad copy works as USP of your business. Must Include a strong call to action (CTA) . Learn more about refining Ad copy


Optimizing landing page

-Ads can bring you the clicks but having a user friendly landing page not only important for conversion rate, but also overall ad performance. Shady websites do not capture user’s interest ad probably they won’t convert to a costumer. If your website appearance throws people off, Google won’t be that grateful to you after all. Learn more about landing page relevance