The are many benefits of Google Adwords. In our opinion it is one of the top ways you a business market in the digital world.

The four main benefits are:

  1. Target your Marketing:
  2. Manage & Forecast Your Costs
  3. Measure Your Return
  4. Control Your Campaign

Target Your Marketing

What a lot of advertisers like about online marketing, is the added ability to  target a specific market. Your PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency has the ability to select:

  • keywords
  • ad location
  • age, location, language
  • days, time, frequency,
  • devices & browsers

Relative to traditional marketing such as print and television, the search advertising has significantly better targeting capabilities.

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Manage & Forecast Your Costs

Your digital agency is able to manage costs and predict costs by setting daily budgets. These daily budgets allow you to forecast expenses and create valuable metrics such as:

  • Cost Per Conversion (Phone Inquiry or Contact Inquiry)
  • Cost Per Lead (Phone Inquiry or Contact Inquiry)
  • Cost Per Sale
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Marketing Investment to ROI (in terms of Revenue; Profits; and EBIDTA)


Measure Your Return

As mentioned above, you have the ability to really track dollar-per-dollar your ROI (return on investment) in marketing. For instance, in the HVAC industry; we have found particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, the ACCA (Average Cost of Customer Acquisition, also known as “COCA”) is around $148.00

This means that the HVAC company who is using our Agency can expect almost a guaranteed sale for every $150.00 they spend in online ads. There are other means of calculating COCA or CCA. You can include in COCA the cost of the agency to manage your ads, the cost to have support staff speak with the customer on the phone, and other operational expenses such as servicing the sale. Traditionally, CCA only includes: COST OF MARKETING without cost of OPERATIONS/ADMINISTRATION of SERVICE/SALE.


With Google Ads you have the ability to manipulate and change your campaign real-time. Say your running a 30 day marketing campaign on Google Ads. At any time, on any day, you can re-write the ad-copy, change the budget, and change the target market. Other forms of marketing does not give you the freedom and flexibility.

In summary, there is a plehtora amount of benefits when using Google Ads. The efficacy and cost-effectiveness of your campaign will depend on a variety of factors. The key is to select an agency that is experienced and is willing to take the time to make your campaign a success.