Late 2014, was when I first discovered Snapchat. All my classmates were using this ephemeral photo-sharing app and I wanted to get on the bandwagon to see what the fuss was all about. Snap chat currently stands at 150 million daily active users. Instagram another photo sharing service was also at its all time high and today stands at 400 million active users.


Instagram however, recently upped its game and introduced “Instagram Stories” that was launched early last week. Its concept is very similar to Snapchat. On Instagram Stories you can share updates that last for 24 hours. Brands are more likely to choose Instagram as a medium to advertise due to its 500 million active users and access to Facebook’s 3 million advertisers.



Here are 3 ways you can use Instagram Stories to your advantage:


Have Fun!

As a brand you can now use Instagram stories to produce original, creative content that will engage your users. You can even use it to get an idea as to how many people watch each of your stories and develop a target market accordingly.



24 hours


You can use the 24-hour time limit to try out experimental content to see how your followers will react to content.


Testing Content


Did you know the Instagram stories allow you to choose to feature a part of your story on your main profile? That’s right you can actually test the content to see if its worth being a part of your final story!