Facebook ads have been around for a while now. But advertisers have started to realize it’s true potential only recently. According to recent research, 22 percent of small businesses have used Facebook Ads, and 65 percent say they would use Facebook Ads again. Facebook ads have come up with some amazing features and tools in the recent past. A little tweak in the strategy can help get better return on investment.

Here are 5 tips that I find to be extremely useful-

  1. Choose right Audience– First things first, knowing your target audience is the key here and developing marketing strategy around it. Your ad can be all fancy and have big budget but what for? Showing ads to wrong audience will impact your ROI (Return on investment) and ad performance in general. One of the best practices is to target followers that like brands of similar interest as your business. Once you have enough performance data about your demographics, you can choose to create a custom audience. You can upload a “custom audience,” a CSV file of your customer database or list. That way you are targeting existing customers hence improving your conversion rate.
  2. Catchy Image/video thumbnail– First thing most people will notice your image and not headline. People are likely to click interesting/ colorful images compared to basic brand pictures. For instance- You run a coffee shop, you might want to choose a great shot of steaming hot coffee with a doughnut (YUM!!) instead of your brand logo. Make sure the ad copy doesn’t have unnecessary text. Facebook doesn’t allow more than 20% image text anyways! Use Facebook Text overlay tool to find out if your image is eligible to advertise.
  3. Relevant Landing page– Once a user clicks on your ad they are looking to find out more details about your product/service. Make sure the landing page does justice with the promotion and offer exactly what people are expecting to see. For instance- you have a deal of 10% off coupons on next car wash then coupons must be the spotlight there. Don’t overcrowd the page with unnecessary details, keep it simple.
  4. Test & Try– Before you begin ad campaign on Facebook, always try to have slightly different version of the advert. You might want to experiment with different images or target different demographics than last time and see which ones performs better. Twisting words can also work on your advantage. This can also include changing the appearance of landing page. Don’t settle for less!
  5. Install a conversion pixel– This is an obvious tip, but a lot of people don’t install pixel to track conversion data. You have to click on “create pixel” and paste that pixel to footer of thank you page and that way you can better track your ad performance.

Facebook ad pixels

With these tips you can definitely start seeing results in your ad campaigns. Make sure to monitor performance data closely and optimize it accordingly.