Facebook advertising have become increasingly popular recently. Businesses have started to realize it’s potential to gain client base and increase brand awareness. Facebook ads have various promotional objectives to choose from. You can create a campaign to drive traffic to your website or gain page likes or video views and much more. Apart from being able to create interactive ads with images, graphics and videos, you can make sure your ads are being served to the right audience. You can choose your demographics and detailed targeting to help ensure your ads are reaching right people.

Below are some of the targeting methods that will largely help to capture right audience-

Targeting by work industries

This is specific targeting feature that will allow you to target specific work industries. Let’s assume you are running ads to get Facebook likes for your Project Management software, you might want to specifically target Marketers, IT firms, Sales Department etc. This feature combined with targeting Job titles can prove very successful.

Life events targeting

Based on your business and nature of campaigns, use this feature to target people at specific interval of time. You have the option to target newly weds, recently moved, new at job etc. This feature combined with other interests can bring in relevant traffic. It usually pertains to specific businesses, for example you are a flower company, running ad campaign for wedding flowers. You would want to target engaged and newly engaged to book you as wedding florists.

Demographic targeting Education Level

This feature can be very useful for certain businesses. Facebook has categorized demographics based on the level of education of users. For instance, you are running a portfolio preparation campaigns to capture High schoolers to sign up for coaching classes. This makes the campaigns very relevant, thus improving chances if getting more signups.

Custom Audience

It is an advance feature of Facebook ad targeting that allows you to target existing customers and app users. It provides an opportunity to increase brand loyalty and reinforcing your marketing efforts.Once you have the list or custom audience, you can either exclusively target or exclude them. You can upload your audience list through CSV or TXT file . It can be phone numbers or email addresses.

Lookalike audience

Once you have your custom audience, you can now replicate your audience using this feature. Facebook generates audience with similar traits and interests. It is a good way to add on to your client base once you know what your target audience is like.

Facebook ads are great way to reach your potential customers. So make the most out of targeting features to capture them. Once campaigns are up and running, don’t forget to install Facebook pixel to get detailed analysis on ad performance.