Words which people use to search for products or services without knowing the names of businesses. These words reflect on the function or speciality of the businesses.

For example: If an individual is going to attend a birthday party for an infant. And he does not know what s/he should buy, in that case a search on google with ‘gifts for infants’ will provide her/him search results of businesses that specializes in gifts for infants available on businesses like Toys r us, Carter, Walmart etc.

Identifying keywords of a business is an important online marketing strategy to place an advertisement at right time, at right place and to the right audience. In the above case the keywords could be gifts+infants, birthday+party+gifts.

Responsive design

Browsing on mobiles, tablets and iPads provides an ease in accessing information not only during working times but also on the go and during a leisure. A well designed responsive website compatible with different browsers and different platforms ensures better web presence. This will increase the chances of being noticed and picked up by user.


This is another important point in building successful online marketing strategy.

    1. Identifying audience is a crucial factor for any business to succeed.
    2. Identifying competitors as it could be a potential location to place ads.
    3. Age, gender (relevant for gender specific product/services) and language of the audience which helps to place advertisements.
    4. Days – Weekdays vs weekends, holidays, occasions, other specials events.
    5. Times- Morning, afternoon, evening and subsequent repetitions.

Pictures and videos

A picture is more than a 1000 words holds true for search engines as well. Pictures improve comprehension and saves time. Similarly, videos could be time savers as it is not possible to read thousands of words. Watching videos is feasible most of the times for quick understanding.

Kiss the Content (keep it simple and short)

People are busy most of the time, they do not read, they usually scan the content to understand the idea. Keeping this in mind the content should always be simple and short.

Social media and email

Social media is one of the effective platforms for increasing online presence and search optimization by search engines. Increasing popularity on social media will always increase the chances to be picked by search engines, thereby increasing traffic to the business. On the other side, email lists are old traditional way but still very effective. Email marketing are eternal and the businesses always have a way to reach to their subscribers.