Benefits of online marketing not only improves web visibility, but also helps in targeting right audience. Search and display networks are the two major networks where ads can appear.

Search Marketing

It is different search engines where user can type text to find answers for their queries (Google search, Bing, msn etc.) These search engines also suggest possible matches based on relevance and keywords used in the query. In case of Google this suggestion is made by Google Adwords, which is an advertising platform to businesses for advertising their products or services. This is an user generated query based advertising and is mainly done by matching keywords in a search query with products or services relevant to that search. It is great because the user has expressed intent.

Display Marketing

In display network, contrary to the search network the ads are displayed to a network of sites in the form of banners or small boxes when the keywords of an ad match a webpage’s concepts or central theme, it is eligible to show on that webpage (automatic placement). It is more passive form of advertising but has a wide reach to internet users.

There is no size fits all. The marketing strategy is not same for every business. Some use search marketing only, some would like to use display marketing only, or some use both.

Another benefit of online marketing is measuring return on investment (ROI). As clicks, can be measured exactly including when, where and what were the results. This transparency helps business to revisit their marketing plan and heighten their ROI as these ads are sold on a pay per click based model