What are Text Ads

Text ads are most often used to promote any services or businesses in AdWords. The format of a text ad consists of three sections : 

  • A headline, which introduces the product or service
  • a display URL which direct customer to the landing page of the advertiser
  • a description which describes the uniqueness of the service offered and makes the ad prominent.

Tips for creating successful Text Ads in AdWords

  1. Highlight the content: it makes any ad prominent and adds more competitiveness by highlighting the uniqueness. For example express shipping, new arrivals, certified etc.
  2. Include specials: adding promotions like discounts, exclusives, limited time deals. This will convert an offer to value proposition to the client.
  3. Empower clients: including call to actions (like call now, chat support, sign up for exclusive deals, get free estimates). It will make the user feel empowered and act.
  4. Including Keywords : including at least one keyword in the ad will make it relevant to the search. For example if a supplier is selling sport shoes, it will be a good idea to include sport shoes in the headline like “Deals on Sport Shoes”.
  5. Landing page relevance: linking to highly relevant landing page is crucial and leads to conversion. Therefore it is vital to make sure the promotions or products mentioned in the ad are included in the landing page. People might leave the website if they don’t find what they were expecting or if it takes long to find that deal.
  6. Responsive Designlot of people use mobile devices to do an active search. Therefore creating an appealing and responsive design for mobile devices help to reach more people.
  7. Adding extensions: people want to know about the location or number to reach the provider following a search. Thus adding extensions help in establishing credibility.
  8. Experiment: AdWords rotates the ad automatically and shows the best performing ads more often. Hence it is advised to create 3-4 ads for each ad group, and use different messages for each to learn more which is doing better.
  9. Check for errors: AdWords ad are high quality and must meet high professional and editorial standards. Ensure quality by checking for spaces, strange capitalization, italic, unclear URLs etc.